two days after i was beaten up, i decided to move back home, cos i was already through with my exams and was just wasting my time in ngozi’s house where i rented for my waec exam……….

Ngozi hasn’t talked to me for days because of the gossip she heard from her friend, on how i was going after other girls, but when she saw me packing my things that sunday morning when everybody had gone to church, she left the church she was preparing for and rushed into my room……

“are you leaving today??” she asked me in surprise and i shrugged, “yea i’m through with my exams and you equally don’t want me around any longer, so i have to leave” i explained to her and she kept quiet and watched me as she battled with her emotions and pride…….

“so how about us?” she asked me after a while and i looked at her with a smile, “i don’t know oo but i think you are the one to answer the question” i replied her and she looked down for a while before coming forward…..

“i heard that jamb result is out?” she asked me and i shruggled again and looked at her, “i heard it too but i’m not sure cos i havn’t gone to confirm” i said to her and she looked at me with swollen eyes filled with tears and i swallowed hard……

“i knew that i gave you my pride and body very cheap and i will continue to regret it” she said and burst into tears while i held her in confusion and tried to calm her down, “so finally you are leaving me?” she asked me and i drew her down on the foam and sat beside her, “you refused to listen nor talk to me these past few days, just because you believed your friends over me, i’m not leaving you, but i’m just going home in order to prepare myself for my future and i still love you and i know that you equally have a nice future, cos you have parents who believes in education” i said to her with a smile and she looked intently at me and our eyes met, “please tell your mum about me cos i will be visiting regularly” she said before kissing me, and i held her face and caressed her hair, and the sparkle between us ignited a flame of passion and love, which tore our clothes off our body, and we made love for the first time without protection…….

Oh silly me, but then it was really worth it, cos she ended up not going to church that sunday and we spent quality time together, and seriously there is nothing like a teenage love affair cos it prepares you physically and emotionally for a future relationship and the memories which we derive from it, are often buried deep in us…….

To be continued…….

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