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    Where is the last episode

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    23 (last episode)
    Sunday 20th May 2007 is the
    day i will never forget in my
    life or in a hurry.. What really
    happened that day?
    Finally the deal day is here. I
    can’t wait to have Cynthia all
    to myself. I was reluctant to
    go to church but i had to so
    as to escape from my mum’s
    The service was so bored
    for me. I can’t even tell the
    topic of the day’s sermon. I
    was only imagining what’s
    going to happen in few
    hours… Luckily for me, the
    service ended around
    11:35am, so i rushed home
    to get ready…
    On my way to the house, i
    remembered going to meet
    my mum at home so i
    decided to go for my outing
    from dear because i don’t
    need anything or anybody
    to spoil my fun for me. I
    diverted to Cynthia’s house..
    She was almost ready when
    i got there so i waited for
    her to finish..
    After five minutes, we’re
    good to go. Cynthia hopped
    into the passenger’s front
    seat as i zoomed off.. There
    was silent as we drove.
    Cynthia: so where’s our
    destination? She said
    breaking the silence.
    Me: Luxury City.
    Cynthia: wow! I heard its a
    nice hotel.
    Me: yea… All through the
    drive we never said a word
    again until we got there..
    Here we are dear
    Cynthia: so soon?
    We walked straight to the
    reception and i paid for an
    accomodation for 5hrs.. She
    directed us to room 101..
    Receptionist: sir here you
    are. Enjoy your stay here.
    Me: thanks dear.. I replied as
    she walked back to her duty
    post… I pick the desk phone
    to call the bar so as to place
    an order but Cynthia insisted
    that she goes there by
    herself. After much
    resistance that was fruitless
    i allowed her to go and
    make the order…
    She came back five minutes
    later with bottle of bazoka
    drink and two tumblers..
    That’s exactly my favorite
    alcoholic drink.. She filled the
    two tumblers while telling
    me the the waiter will soon
    come with the food…
    While waiting for the for, i
    took a gulp of the drink and
    fished it in the next gulp. I
    re-filled my tumbler.. I didn’t
    notice that Cynthia was not
    drinking, but thats not my
    I gazed at her with a ‘wow’
    look. She was really hot in
    the mini gown she wore
    which revealed greater part
    of her laps… What about her
    milk industry? It was
    swinging like a pendulum .
    She noticed my mood and
    she made some sexy moves
    that turned me on
    I moved closer to her and
    our lips met like a magnet
    and before i could say jerk
    she already caressing my
    iron man which is now as
    hard as a rod.. My hand
    travelled from her shoulder
    to her backyard then to the
    two ripe water melons in
    front. God really did a
    marvelous work there. I
    pulled her gown up to allow
    me access to her banana
    island, i noticed she wasn’t
    wearing panties. I started
    fingering her and she was
    moaning gently.. Soon we
    are into each other.
    I became so week after one
    round.. She got up, went to
    her bag and brought out
    something like a document,
    my eye was so blurred that i
    can’t even see the content of
    the paper…
    Cynthia: baby i want you to
    sign this for me. Handing
    the paper to me.
    Me: can’t it wait till
    Cynthia: please its needed
    Me: ok. What’s the paper
    Cynthia: its a
    recommendation later that i
    will be submitting tomorrow
    morning with my
    application and resume.
    I collected the book and
    signed for her. I was still
    dead hungry for sexx when
    i suddenly slumped into the
    Uhhhh i yawned as i woke
    up.. I checked my time
    10:45am… What!! Is my time
    wrong or what! I unlocked
    my phone to see 45 missed
    calls from my mum, Grace,
    my boss and my clients, and
    two messages i opened the
    first one and it reads
    “dear Mr. Fabulous, your
    account has been credited
    with the sum of
    N10,000,000 from**some
    text missing**.. I concluded
    it was from the client i gave
    my account number.
    I opened the next text to see
    the shock of my life. It reads:
    dear Mr. Fabulous, a debit of
    N11, 995,000.00k occured
    on your account via transfer.
    Your new balance is N5,283.
    20k. Thanks for banking
    with us. sender: Union Bank.
    Jesus! What the hell is going
    on where is Cynthia? I
    picked my suit and walked
    down stares only to be
    stopped by the receptionist
    to pay for over staying. It
    was then i realized its
    monday. Thank God i had
    little money on me then i
    paid her off and rushed out
    only to find out that my car
    is no longer packed there.. I
    placed a call to my bank
    manager asking her about
    the transaction.
    Me: why did you make a
    transfer without my
    Manager: sir a lady came
    here with a transfer for but
    i called you and you
    confirmed it.
    I hung up angrily. What am i
    going to do? What will i tell
    my boss? All this thoughts
    were running to my mind
    when i suddenly
    remembered our sex
    episode i began to smile as i
    sight Cynthia standing half
    naked in front. I went to her
    pulled the dress she was
    wearing, i removed mine
    and started caressing her all
    over. I was wearing only a
    boxer. I pulled the boxer
    down a bit so as to bleep
    her not until a hot slap
    landed on my cheek.

    I was like ‘babe why did you just leave me like that?’ but she never said anything or respond to my sexxual urge. I continued until a hot slap landed on my right cheek and brought my back to reality. And behold i was standing in a boutique belonging to my boss wife.. Who slapped me? It was my boss and what do you think i was romancing all these while?….

    GM: Fabulous what the hell are you doing here? So this is it? It has gotten to the extent of romancing a…… He paused… Well meet me in the company… He said and walked out immediately..

    Chei!! The witches in my village has finally remembered me…

    Next thing i found myself in a police cell where i would remain until the sum of N10,000,000 is paid to the company.. That was how i lost everything…

    THE END!!!!!

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    This story is dedicated to all coolvallers and most especially to the the boss of the house Mr Nkemjika Val, you are too much… Thank you all for reading and your comments that boosted my energy. Its still your any Nwajesus @itzprince

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    Make una come o.. Final episode is here. @jummybabe @denciebabe @alex @victoriouschild help me call others

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    Serves you right

    The lady your mum brought from the village warned you but you didn’t listen

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    nice story. Keep it up Sir

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    that serves you right

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    Good for you

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