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    1: On no account should any member harass or criticise any thread opener.

    2: Don’t comment with symbols or un meaningful words on threads in order to increase your post counts, it is strictly not allowed.

    3: No member is allowed to insult or harass anybody over anything.

    4: Don’t Abuse, bully, deliberately insult/provoke, fight, or wish harm to any Member of this forum.

    5: Don’t advocate or encourage violent actions against any person, race, or group.

    6: Promoting of affiliate links or any external links aiming at money making is forbidden.

    7: Don’t say or do anything that’s detrimental to the success of This forum.

    8: Illegal activities such as piracy, Scamming and spamming is not allowed

    9: Creating a thread title in CAPITAL letters for attraction is not allowed.

    10: Don’t post anything that could be considered offensive to any member’s religion or belief.

    11: Don’t create a new account when banned for breaking a rule. If you do, make sure we don’t find out.

    12: Cooperate with the moderators, and administrator. Treat them with respect.

    13: Don’t use too long base name,your base name should not contain more than 15 characters

    If any member of this forum breach any of the above rules please contact any of the staff below.



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