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    I generally made this article for those who love to learn how to make soya milk,those who will see this article and decide to give making soya milk a try and those who wants to read and enjoy the article and then keep the info learnt for future use, we all in this together.
    As you keep reading which ever side you are on, you will definitely learn how to make soya milk.

    Soya milk is a refreshing drink which is pretty high in protein. It is an alternate to cow milk which we mostly drink.
    Soya milk is made from soya beans which you can find in most Nigerian markets.
    Soya milk is not that cost effective,which means that you won’t find it difficult when buying it if you want to drink it daily.
    You can have soya milk with a snack and it keeps you full.You can also have it after a meal which is a great start to keep your protein intake high.
    Now lets get down to “how to make soya milk”.

    Ingredients for making soya milk.

    1-3 cups of soya beans(Depending on the quantity you want to make).

    3 cooking spoon of sugar (or you can add and taste till you get the taste of your choice.

    4 litres of water and

    1 cap of vanilla flavour.

    Tools needed for making soya milk

    The blender

    A cooking spoon

    A pot and bowl and


    Preparing the soya milk

    Soak the amout of soya beans you want to make in water and leave overnight. Don’t let it stay too long in the water so it doesn’t ferment and smell.
    8-10 hours of soaking it will be ok for it.
    This is to make it soft and easy when grinding.

    The next day, you will notice that the beans is all swollen up and soft,then you will need to rub the soya beans a little so as to remove the chaff (back coat).
    When you rub the soya beans,add water and sieve out continously till the chaff is all out and then keep the bean aside

    Get the blender ready,put the soya beans into the blender,pour water into the blender which should cover the soya beans and then blend.

    After blending,strain the blend with a sieve into the pot and assit it a bit using the cooking spoon by making some moves on it with your hands so as to make sure all the juice drop into the pot.

    Now the soya milk is half ready,
    So still put the pot containing the soya milk on a medium heat and and stir.

    Now after like 15minutes of the heat, add the vanilla flavour to the pot containing the soya milk and stir it more for 5 minutes.
    By this time your soya milk should be good to go, off the heat and allow the soya milk to cool.

    Then for the final time sieve the soya milk again to remove any remaining chaff or particle so as to give you that smooth taste.

    Now the final part you have been waiting for.
    Use a cup and scoop the soya milk and pour into small cans or bottle and then keep it in fridge to be chilled,as soya milk is mostly enjoyed when chiiled.
    If you intend for the soya milk to stay a long period of time, assuming you made it in big quantity, then you will have to store it in a freezer.


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    Thankz Jare

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