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Had I known

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    Chapter Fifty-five.

    Vanessa was smiling through out the time as she has always hoped for this day, but had not expected it to come so soon.
    Lordrigo on the other hand was excited that finally he can officialy call the woman of his dreams his own.
    Their friends were also excited for them, Martha was admiring the diamond engagement ring that must have cost Lordrigo a fortune.
    Martha: (hugging her for like the tenth time that evening) I am so, so, so, happy for you.
    Vanessa: (pinching her arm) ouch!
    Martha: why did you do that.
    Vanessa: just to re-assure myself that I am not dreaming.
    Martha: (laughs and holds her tight) its not a dream, i wish N-K was here, just the smile on your face would have made her to reconsider that her decision of going to the convet.
    Vanessa: yeah but hey, i never expected that day to be today, it was so unexpected, he didn’t even show any sign that he would do this today.
    Martha: (smiles) that’s cos he is so smart and sometimes cunning.
    The men were also having their own conversation at the another side.
    Viper: Capon, my mind just they sweet me for you, e just be like say make me go marry.
    Jayjay: no be if you don pursure woman finish!
    Viper: ah, ah boss no be like that nah, all those girls na just to use while away time.
    Capon: well, before you think about marriage, first think of how you go use make first class result.
    They are laughed because Viper is not someone you can call brilliant.
    Jayjay: Lor’d but what prompted you to take this huge step today.
    Lor’d V: well, lately my parents have been putting pressure on me to get married, especially my mum, who has been bringing in her friends daughters to the house this days so i can check them out and pick the one i like amongst them.
    Jayjay: (laughs) haba! Is this the first century, who picks a woman for a grown man this days? Na wa for your mum o.
    Lor’d V: me sef, tire for her, so that’s why i just decided to introduce V officialy to them but not before putting a ring on her finger, and again, i think it’s high time my son have a good life.
    Jayjay: yeah that’s right, the Lil Champ needs to know his real family.
    Lor’d V: yeah, and we will be travelling tomorrow to get him and from there we will head to Abuja to the family house.
    Jayjay: am happy you made this decision, but wait o, very soon you will be a husband, father, you will be changing diapers and all that, ewwww.
    Lor’d V: he has already passed that diaper wearing age.
    Jayjay: won’t other kids come.
    Lor’d V: not now, every other things will fall into place after her school.
    Viper: capon, congratulations jare, me sef go soon marry, i just they find the Mrs. Right and wealthy.
    Skull: money no go kill you. In Jesus name.
    Viper: Amen.
    They all burst into laughter once again and soon it was time to retire, they drove home and since everyone were exhausted they all headed straight to their rooms.
    Chinedu and Tunde were sitted in a black car parked at the parking lot of ”Ikenga Hotel” obviously waiting for someone.
    Few minutes later, Mr. B, was seen coming towards them, dressed as a waiter.
    Tunde: did you do it.
    Mr. B: yes, why not, you no trust me again?
    Chinedu: well done bro.
    Tunde: welldone, but that waiter dress fit you o.
    Mr. B: mtcheeew, na you e go fit pass sef.
    Tunde: (laughs) oya, lets head to the hotel and plan our next move.

    Soon it was morning, and Vanessa and Lordrigo, set out for their journey to get their child, Vanessa head insisted they take a bus there as it was more adventurous which he obliged to.
    Immediately the bus took off, Jayjay and the rest of the guys waved them bye and drove out of the bus park and headed home.
    It was a cold morning, so the ride in the bus wasn’t really splendid to lor’d V as he wasn’t really used to taking buses to anywhere.
    Vanessa: (looks up at him) stop frowning, bus ride is more adventurous.
    Lor’d V: its is more adventurous, i know, you have said that more than a thousand times already.
    Vanessa: stop whining like a baby and enjoy the ride.
    Lor’d V: (laughs) am not whining, why won’t i enjoy the ride when the most beautiful woman in the world is sitting next to me.
    Vanessa: hey! Don’t flatter me.
    Lor’d V: (draws her head and rests it on his chest) my princess, i am not flattering you, it is the truth, you are the most beautiful woman i have ever met. I love you.
    Vanessa: i love you too.
    She stretched her hand and she felt the wristwatch in his jacket pocket.
    Vanessa: what’s in your pocket.
    Lor’d V: (brings the wristwatch out) oh! It’s a wristwatch, it’s for Jay.
    Vanessa: why do you have it.
    Lor’d V: i just want to confirm something (he shifts away from her a little and uses his finger to open the wristwatch) Ha! I said it.
    Vanessa: what is that.
    Lor’d V: it’s a tracking device.
    He remembered seeing one of the waiter opening the wristwatch that jayjay had left on the table and put something in it, he had collected the wristwatch from Jay to be sure he wasn’t seeing things.

    Lor’d V: (laughs) Two can play this game.

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    Chapter Fifty-Six.

    Jayjay got home after leaving the bus park, he was a little bit angry with Lordrigo.
    Jayjay: (to himself) why will he collect it without informing me prioringly, oh oh.
    Martha: (looking concerned) what happened.
    Jayjay: nothing much, it’s just that Lor’d took my favourite wristwatch and he didn’t even tell me until they were about leaving and he whispered it into my ear, that he took my wristwatch.
    Martha: (laughs) is that why you are frowning. He is like your elder brother, so he is free to do that.
    Jayjay: i know but i just got that wristwatch and i have not even enjoyed it, and it’s a very expensive one.
    Martha: (patting him on the shoulder) he will return it.
    Jayjay: i don’t even get why he will take that particular wristwatch when he has lots of wristwatches and besides he know how much i love that wristwatch.

    At ‘Omeje Hotels and resorts’ Nsukka Enugu state, the guys had just woken up after a long night making plans.
    Chinedu: (checks the computer and GPS that was been used to monitor the movement of the tracking device) Guys, come o, it is moving.
    Tunde: na true o, i think the fool is leaving this state.
    Tunde: Chinedu, when the position the tracking device becomes stable, just tell me, okay?
    Chinedu: alright.
    Mr. B: yes, our plan worked perfectly.

    Jayjay was resting on his bed as the house has become quiet since many of the guys left this morning, leaving just him, Martha and Skull in the house.
    He was still mumbling about the wristwatch when his phone rang, it was a familiar number.
    Jayjay: hello, boss you no try at all, i loved that wristwatch dearly.
    Lor’d V: (laughs) sorry baby onyemaechi, now you are really behaving like a baby.
    Jayjay: (feigning anger) boss, thanks for the insult, just return my wristwatch for me.
    Lor’d V: when you finish whinning, open your phone and check it to see if there is anything like a tracking device on it.
    Jayjay: (sits up) what happened?
    Lor’d V: well, when you were having fun yesterday someone planted a tracking device in your wristwatch.
    Jayjay: geez, how did it happen, i had that wristwatch on my hand through out the evening.
    Lor’d V: no, you didn’t.
    Jayjay: (he tried to remember if he had dropped the wristwatch carelessly) oh, yes, it’s true, i remember when the waiter accidentaly spilled drink on me, and i removed the wristwatch and kept it on the table and went to clean up.
    Lor’d V: well, he intentionally spilled that drink, and as am talking to you there is a tracking device in it. Do you have any idea if anybody is after you after the saga with the Black Rhinos.
    Jayjay: no, nobody is after me.
    Lor’d V: okay but still check around you and see if there is another tracking device somewhere in the house or in any of your possession.
    Jayjay: okay boss, i will do that immediately, but what do you intend to do with the tracking device in the wristwatch now.
    Lor’d V: i will just play a little game with whoever put it in there before discarding it.
    Jayjay: thanks boss, you can keep the wristwatch.
    Lor’d V: nah, am not interested. My regards to your lil sis.
    Jayjay: yeah and my regards to your wifey too.
    Lor’d V: (laughs) bye.

    Jayjay thoroughly searched his apartment and his belongings but couldnt find anything in it.
    He locked his door and turned his room upside down but couldnt find a thing, he was exhausted after scattering and arranging the room so he just layed down on his bed and dozed off.
    He was awoken by a banging on his door and he looked out and realized that he overslept as it was already evening.
    Jayjay: huh! Was i drugged or something, how did i sleep to this time?
    The knock on the door continued and he went and unlocked the door.

    Jayjay: hey! Martha, sorry.
    Martha: no p, i just came to tell you that food is ready, since you haven’t come out since.
    Jayjay: thanks, give me a minute to take my bath.
    Martha: alright.
    He had his bath and went to the dinning table and met a nicely prepared jollof rice.
    Jayjay: wow, this food is so delicious, i will soon get fat if i keep eating like this.
    Martha: (smiles) you won’t look bad if you are fat.
    They ate the meal together and cleared the table.
    They were alone as Skull had called earlier to inform them that he won’t be coming home.
    Jayjay got the kitchen and began admiring Martha as she was facing the kitchen sink and washing the dishes he just brought in. That lust came all over him again, he just couldn’t control himself again, after looking at her for some time. He wasn’t seeing his sister but rather he was seeing a beautiful girl that he was attracted to.
    Jayjay: (touches her shoulder from the back) Angel, you are very beautiful.
    She turned to face him and he immediately brought down his lips to hers, it lasted for a minute before he came back to his senses and disengaged from her.
    Her breathing became unstable and he thought it was due to the kiss but she held her head and before you could say ”Jack Robbinson” she fainted and Jayjay began to panic.


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    Jay jay nid real slap I mean hard one

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    jay jay wetin…

    How it dey do you nah!

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    What happened to Martha

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    why did she faint

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    Chapter Fifty-Seven

    At the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital (UNTH).
    Doctor: I think she will be needing that Bone Marrow transplant now.
    Jayjay: Doctor, just do anything, i just want her to be alive.
    Jayjay, had tried his best to revive her but all his efforts were fruitless so he had to rush her to the University Teaching Hospital, and the Nurses quickly put her in the Emergency room while the doctors tried to rescusitate her.
    The doctor tapped him on the shoulder, bringing him back to the present.
    Doctor: we have to commence treatment right away.
    Jayjay: Doctor, please do anything you want, just keep her alive that is all i ask.
    Doctor: well, keeping her alive, depends all the family now.
    Jayjay: Doctor, the money is not a problem, just commence treatment.
    Doctor: (smiles) it’s not about the money. Someone has to act as a donor.
    Jayjay: (shocked) how do we get the donor now.
    Doctor: well, in most cases, the siblings are usually compatible or sometimes the parents.
    Jayjay: is it a major surgery?
    Doctor: no, it’s a gradual process, but the main transplant, is a two hours surgery, so it isn’t a major surgery.
    Jayjay: so what are the chances of survival.
    Doctor: 90 percent chances.
    Jayjay: then, i will do it, i will donate my bone marrow to her.
    Doctor: good decision, i will inform the nurses to start the process immediately and see if the two of you are compatible. And again when the process starts, no taking of alcohol or smoking or hard drugs.
    Jayjay: okay doctor, just help me save my sister’s life.
    Doctor: we will try our best, but for the main time i think it will be wise to inform your parents about this incident.
    Jayjay: yes, i will do that right away.
    The doctor left him to attend to other people while he took out his phone and dialled his Mum’s number.
    Dialling his mum’s number made him remember the first time he heard her voice after so many years, the memories all brought smile to his face.
    His Mum: Onyi, how are you doing.
    Jayjay: i am fine, hw are u also.
    His Mum: i am fine, how is your sister?
    Jayjay: (dodges the question) Mum, hope i am not disturbing you at this late hour.
    His Mum: how can my son’s call be a disturbance to me, no dear you are not disturbing me, i am happy to hear your voice.
    Jayjay: thanks mum.
    His Mum: but your voice doesn’t sound well, I hope there is no problem.
    Jayjay: No mum, it’s just that…it’s just that.
    His mum: that what?
    Jayjay: (wondering how to tell his mum), it’s about Martha.
    His Mum: (sounding worried) what happened to Chidiebere?
    Jayjay: Mum, nothing much.
    His Mum: my son, i am your mother, feel free to talk to me.
    Jayjay: Mum, she is…she is Sick, she needs a bone marrow transplant, the doctor told me about the transplant the last time we brought her to the hospital after she was shot and i just waved it aside, i didnt know it was going to come so soon.
    His Mum: (sighs) if it is a transplant, i assume they will need a donor, is that why you called?
    Jayjay: i already offerred to be the donor, i only called to tell you.
    His Mum: Onyi, just stay strong for your sister, i will be there tomorrow morning and also call your dad and tell him about this.
    Jayjay: okay mum.
    His Mum: how is she?
    Jayjay: in a slightly bad condition.
    His Mum: alright, no problem, God will see her through, just remember to call your dad, i will come over tomorrow morning.
    Jayjay: yes mum, bye.
    His Mum: see you tomorrow dear.
    He dropped the call and immediately called his father and told him about Martha’s condition and his dad also promised to be in the hospital early the next morning.
    Nurses: (approaching him) Mr. We have set up everything, let us go for the test now.
    Jayjay: thanks nurse.

    Lordrigo and Vanessa had already arrived Imo state safely. The first thing they did was to go ‘zion’s orphanage’ to pick their child.
    Lordrigo gave the orphanage 7 million naira cheque as a token of appreciation.
    It wasn’t hard to spot his child among the kids playing in the playground, because the child looked just like him when he was his age, infact his childhood picture could even be mistaken as his child’s pictures.
    It was a happy day for him as he finally felt like a real man, the young boy was abit inquisitive asking questions like; who they are and where they are taking him to.
    Lor’d V: i will answer all your questions very soon, just be a good boy okay?
    He said that and drove off with the car he rented, while the young child rested calmly on his mother’s arm. Indeed, blood is thicker than water.
    They got to Vanessa’s house nobody was at home luckily she knew where they usually kept the keys.
    They got into the house and Vanessa quickly settled them in and they all freshed up and changed the young lad’s clothes and she dished the food they had bought earlier for father and son, shortly afterwards, her mum called her and it wasn’t a good news at all, he face turned pale after she finished making the call.


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