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    Episode 24

    James: i have to meet my father and end
    this. I have to know how proud
    he is of me now. I killed for him. Surely,
    i would get a compliment from
    him today. I concentrate my foggy
    eyes on the road. The voices are
    wrong. I wouldn’t be caught. My father
    would be proud and Steven
    would lose. I shake my head and take a bend
    in the direction of my dad’s office location. Dad has never been
    proud of me except that fateful
    day when i was just eight years old. I can still
    remember how it happened. Flashback: “daddy loves me. Daddy loves me
    not, daddy loves me, daddy loves
    me not” i recite while plucking the
    leaves off a small stem and when
    it ends at ‘daddy loves me not’ i
    fling the empty stem in
    annoyance. “stupid stem. You don’t know
    anything” i scream as i step on the
    stem furiously. “James!” i hear Diana, our house
    maid yell my name and i hide
    behind the sofa. “where is that little demon” she
    says and i cant help but laugh. She hears my laugh then match
    behind the sofa and drag me out
    with my shirt collar. “why did you do it?” she sneer at
    me “do what?” i ask innocently. “you know, you little s--t!. Why
    did you shred my son’s
    result?!”she yells. Diana’s son and i attend the same
    school. We collected our results yesterday and i came out second
    as always. Diana’s son always
    comes out first and no matter how i read,
    pray and cheat, i always come out second. Last term, my dad had
    beaten me with a mop stick and
    locked me up for a day without food. He
    imbibed in me that i must be a
    winner no matter the means i use to get it. So,
    this term i read hard, prayed harder and cheated but still i came
    out first. My dad wasn’t home yesterday and hasn’t seen the
    result so i sneaked into the
    servant’s quarters and destroyed the
    evidence. I shrug my shoulders and feign
    ignorance. “i know you’ll deny it. You always
    do. The last time, you broke your father’s vase, you said it wasn’t
    you either.” “that wasn’t me either, it was the
    boy in the mirror. I saw him” i say “what boy in the mirror?.You are
    just 8 years old but you are
    already a menace. I am going to teach you
    a lesson before your parents get back” she raises her hand to hit
    me and i smile, ready for the pain.
    I am so used to it now. Infact i
    crave it. “what do you think you are
    doing?!” my mom march toward
    us with my father behind her. “i- I’m sor–ry ma. Your son tore
    my s-o-n’s res-ult. I was just reprimanding him” Diana stammer
    out. My mom land two slaps on
    her cheeks and i smile. She’s not so
    smug now. My dad sees my smile
    and nods his head. “how dare you lay your poverty
    infested hands on my child?.
    Infact you are fired! I’ll make sure i fire your
    whole family from their various jobs anywhere. Now, get out!” my
    mother rants. I look to my dad but
    he is just nodding his head. “you guys better get this child
    help. He isn’t normal. His level of menace is bordering on madness”
    she says and that’s the only time i see emotion on my father’s face.
    His face distort in anger. “no child of mine is going to be
    Admitted in a mental hospital!. My son is perfectly normal. So you
    better leave before i calls the
    guards to teach you a lesson!” he scream
    then turn to me. “come with me” i walk behind
    him, thinking of the kind of
    beating i am surely going to receive. I am both
    scared and happy. We enter my dad’s study and as
    soon as i close the door, my father beams at me. This is the first time
    i’ve seen him smile. “come closer, son. I am so proud
    of you. You did the right thing by not admitting the truth. That
    would have been worse than
    coming second. I assume that’s the
    reason why you tore his result.
    Am i right?” “ye-s dad” “good. Now, I’ll only give you 12
    strokes of the cane but you will be rewarded for today.” my dad
    brings out the cane he keeps
    under his desk and he flows me 12 times on
    my back. I don’t even flinch. “and what are you supposed to
    say?”he asks me after he is done “thank you sir” “you know i am doing this
    because i love you. I am
    preparing for the business world where it is eat or
    be eaten. You must become like
    me. I do anything and i mean anything
    to be at the top. Do you
    understand what i am saying” i nod “okay you can leave. Your mom
    would take you shopping
    tomorrow. You can buy whatever you want” i never went on that shopping
    expenditure because that night, i couldn’t bear the yearning for
    pain, i wasn’t feeling anything especially pain so i sneaked to the
    kitchen, collected a small knife and cut myself once. I loved the
    feeling and i did it numerous
    times. Our gardener who came to the
    kitchen for some milk saw me
    bleeding out in the kitchen and i was rushed to
    the hospital. My parents lied to the doctor that i had an accident
    but the doctor suspected
    something was wrong with me. He
    suggested that i be checked into a
    mental hospital for help before it got
    worse but my father who didn’t
    want the scandal refused. Present day: my hands start shaking on the
    steering wheel. I pull over beside
    the road and walk the remaining
    distance to my father’s office. I get
    some strange look as people stare at my
    bloody clothes. I finally stagger into my dad’s
    office. His secretary tries to stop me but i push pass her and barge
    into my dad’s office. “what the hell! James, why are
    you bleeding all over my office”
    he asks as soon as he sees me. I
    came here to confront him but
    again i am reduced to that little boy who
    wants his father’s compliment “d-ad, i’ll get the land for you by
    tomorrow. I-i-killed them for you” my ears starts ringing and i clutch
    them. “d-ad you are proud right? I am
    just like you. Right dad?”i ask and
    he sneers at me. “ofcourse not! That’s like saying
    am crazy. Just like you. I don’t need you, Steven has already
    gotten the land. Now leave my
    office. You are staining the expensive
    tiles”he says and continue
    reading some papers on his desk. “he is not proud, i told you, Steven
    won. You are still below”the voices chant. I stare at my father
    and my blood boils. After everything he still isn’t satisfied. I
    am no longer his puppet. “After all these years, you still
    obey him. You are too weak” “I am not weak!” I scream. My father looks up at me
    then shake his head. He reaches
    for his phone,probably to call the
    police but before he types the
    number, I grab the phone from him and
    bash it against his head. He
    screams but I continue hitting his head with
    the landline phone. The sound of
    his brain crushing, thrills me and
    even after he slumps on his desk,
    I continue hitting him. “Who is on top now?”I sneer at
    his lifeless body. “Your worthy next”
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    Let move on

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    Hmm, I just hope is not what I am thinking

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    I believe u guys I’ll get back together,, ,,,,,@chimmy dream of me na

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    Oh, boy!

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    I just pray pray James doesn’t get to stephen

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    James stop blaming everybody for you misdeeds. You are too greedy

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