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    A female student goes to a young professor’s office wearing a very short sexy skirt and a see through blouse. She glanced down the hall, closed the door and kneels pleadingly.

    “I would do anything to pass this exam.” She leaned closer to him, revealing the top most of her b----t, flipped back her hair, gazed meaningfully into his eyes, “I mean,” she whispered, “I would do anything,”

    He returned her gaze, “Anything?”

    “Anything.” she replied.

    His voice softened, licking his lips, “Anything?”

    “Anything!” She repeated.

    His voice turned to a whisper. “Would you, Study HARD?”

    A Man was starved of s-x because his wife just newly had a baby through cesarean section. One day, the wife said to him, “Eeyaa, my love, I know how you must be feeling because of my condition. Take this N2000 and go look for someone to satisfy you.”

    Surprised, the hubby quickly grabbed the money and he left!

    45 minutes later, he came back. The wife, surprised to see her husband so soon, said, “So soon?”

    The hubby replied, “I didn’t go far, I went to the neighbour’s house, Mrs. Funmi.”

    The wife asked, “I hope she didn’t take any money from you.”

    The hubby replied, “She did.”

    The wife got very angry and said, “Is she crazy?! When she just gave birth to her own child, I was sleeping with her husband for free!”

    The husband fainted

    Before you hand over your b r e a s ts to any man, first check how he drinks pure water

    A teacher starts out by drawing a p*nis on the calk board and asks the class, “Does anyone know what this is?”

    And little David says, “Yes, my dad has 2 of them!”

    And the teacher says, “Are you sure about that?”

    And little David says, “Yes, he uses a small skinny one to go to the bathroom and a big long one to brush the house-girl’s teeth.”

    I was struggling with my biology practical when one slay
    queen asked, “please is earthworm a wild animal???”
    Chai!!! Our lecturer has fainted, security officer has fainted
    too, we are now fainting according to our matric number,
    ah just dey wait for my turn

    I fainted 5 times when I overheard one IBADAN girl say “Beauty is in the eyes of the Decoder.”
    Immediately I woke up, she told the guy who tried to correct her that “SCIENCE is the best answer for a fool like you.”

    Kai! Park well my dear; let me faint again

    How Nigerians have been laughing on social networks..

    2015:MY CHEST
    2016:KUKU KILL ME
    2018: Abeg wetin 2018 go be????

    I love carrying little children,especially those ones holding ”gala and pepsi”.they are lovely kids

    A sick woman was lying on her sick bed with her husband by her side, She turns to the husband and said

    WIFE : Honey, I have a confession to make….

    HUSBAND : Save your strength my dear!

    WIFE : [Cuts in] Nooo, I want to say it so that when I die my spirit will be at rest. I have been stealing your money and giving it to my boyfriend, You’re not the father of our son Junior, I was the one who stole your gold wrist watch and hide it in your sister’s bag so that you’ll drive her away..
    Please forgive me

    HUSBAND : I know all this, that’s why I poisoned you. Keep calm Let the poison work….

    Who is more wicked??? Don’t just laugh share it to your friends

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    Lol….i tink itz both of dem o

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    WF Jay Rae
    WF Jay Rae
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    D man joor

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    lol. the man

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    Hahahahaha na real joke…

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