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    Olowole Oluwanishola
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    Laugh if off
    1.Dear guy if you are sitting next to a beautiful girl
    in a taxi or bus and she starts smiling at you,
    don’t smile back,i repeat don’t smile back until
    she pays her taxi fare
    2:Someone can not dial a wrong number again
    and Wizkid or Davido will pick,it must be an Hausa
    3:One Gucci pant 25k and you aspect her to sit
    and close her legs,no way my sister spread it like
    fart (mess)
    4:You can never know the real voice of a girl until
    she is being chase by a dog
    5: I stopped tagging people after she said” stop
    tagging me and just face ur 2 likes alone”…Some
    people are Just born with natural wickedness
    6:That moment you’re listening to a song through
    your earphones and singing along with the
    musician, thinking u have the most beautiful voice
    in the whole world
    Only to remove the earphone and realise u sound
    like a Frog
    Shift le me faint
    7:Don’t date girls who close their eyes when they
    kiss i mean what are they trying to imagine? How
    to kill you in future? Run oo
    8:My sister when u sneeze and your boobs don’t
    move, you’re a boy
    Don’t argue on this It’s in the constitution
    9:JAMB Mathematics question will be like;
    1.Calculate the surface area of a snake that can
    swallow # 36million if it’s diameter is 6m?
    2. If the snake is from Edo state, how much will it
    2b. If the snake is from Ibadan how much will it
    Chai Comments with ur answers
    10:Nobody has the lowest voice than a guy who is
    asking a lady for her number in a taxi or bus
    11:We need laws that will prohibit restaurants from
    putting up pictures of food they cannot prepare.
    They should stop misleading the public.
    12;Fairly used pythons for sale…They can swallow
    a minimum of 25 million from any bank or office –
    Agric one available also. Can swallow 100 million,
    foreign currency….Even bitcoins
    just contact me.
    13:am still waiting for the day my pastor will tell
    the church to do something crazy for God,I will
    show him how crazy I am because I will just carry
    the offering box and run
    14:it is only in Nigeria that someone will go for a
    naming ceremony eat, drink and leave without
    knowing the name of the child
    14: Females Love Giving You Hints When They
    Want Something , ” Bae I Had A Dream You Got
    Me A Car ” ,
    Better Go Back To Sleep & Drive It
    15: Life after being forgiven for cheating is hard…
    You can’t even suggest a new sex position
    16:Girls who don’t change their DP often are
    capable of wearing one pant for 2months.
    16:Avoid guyz dat always turn off their cars in
    every small traffic, sister u will not get even one
    naira from that relationship.
    17:introducing your girlfriend to friends..
    Americans:wow she is so cute when are you guys
    getting married?,
    Nigeria:How far?u don nack her
    18:fat girls are the most selfish in the world they
    will sit with a mini skirt and you will see nothing
    19:have you eaten, Nigerians relationship can not
    survive without this question
    20i taught I have seen it all until I saw one slay
    Queen in my street eating eba with hand glove
    nobody should hold me o I must faint today
    21:imaging that awkward silence when Abraham
    and Isaac were walking home after he tried to
    sacrifice him..
    Abraham,” i love you son”
    Isaac”make you no tell me that s–t
    22:in Nigeria their is always that generator in every
    street that when it goes off neighbours will shout
    thank God oo
    23: i mistakenly send my Pastor a p–n video ten
    minutes later he replied thank you my son you
    understand the weather
    24:girls name on Facebook
    American girl: Adriana Cole
    Japanese girl:Natasha jin süng
    Nigeria girl: Itz Dah sexy Pweedy Curvy a-s
    chocolate slay Queen is a bae Emprezz*
    sister are you ok
    25:Never allow you husband to pray silently the
    idiot might be asking God for a new girlfriend
    26:Welcome to Nigeria the only country where
    people reduced the volume of the T.V to smell if
    something is burning
    27:if you don’t know how to laugh better go and
    learn which one “kikikikikiki” are you starting a
    28:Dating a slim guy is cool but not until you
    remove his clothes and discover that he is using
    belt to hold his boxer
    29:Father: take this 500 naira and don’t tell your
    Akpos:Dad this is unfair mum gave me 1,500 naira
    when I caught her with the gate man
    Akpos papa fall for ground GBOWWSA
    30:you can not use Fainting to play with Muslim’s
    before you wake up,Bloom they’ve buried you
    31: dear guys if you want to test the power of a
    woman try pulling her trouser when she already
    know that she is wearing a dirty pant she will fight
    until she dies
    32:Am I the only person that sing gospel music
    when walking in dark road at night
    33:the way people make their faces after receiving
    holy communion you will think that everybody is a
    nice person,,mtcheee
    34:Dating a short girl is really good but not until
    you enter bus Dem tell you Oga pls lap your
    35:Nigerian goats will be staring at you as if you
    look familiar,you will even start suspecting your
    36:Some girls will not kill me oo which one is
    Happy engagement dear more Rings to your finger
    37:if not poverty what else will make a Nigerian
    girl to be arguing that Second hand clothes
    (Okrika)is better than new one
    39:all those people sleeping naked, continue when
    rat will give you blow job you will understand
    40:you will be the most wicked person on earth
    after reading this post and refuse to like and
    Have a pleasant day..

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    Seen before but funny

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    Eddie Manuel
    Eddie Manuel
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    nice one, cant still stop laffin

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    I ear u

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    precious innocent
    precious innocent
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    nice one
    you made my day

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    so funny

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    Lol.. We die here

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