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    Beautiful Nigerian Lady, Queeneth Dominic has taken to Facebook to share a heartbreaking story of how her Boyfriend got married while they were still in Love.

    According to her, the worst part of the experience is that the Boyfriend never informed her until she saw the photos on social media.

    Read what she posted as well as how she reacted below:
    Boyfriend Got Married While We Were Dating – Lady
    He got married earlier last year .

    We were still dating when he got married . I wasn’t aware .
    Two days before I saw his wedding pictures online, he was confessing his love for me and how he loves me with the last breath of his life.
    He went as far as insisting we see and as God will have it I wasn’t chanced .

    Two days later, I saw his wedding pictures . He shamelessly came online few days later with the “I found love in her “ caption on his uploads.
    I reacted on it .
    I congratulated him .
    I even told him how beautiful his wife is and you all needed to see how she rushed and reacted on my comment.

    One week after his uploads, I woke up one early morning with a “hello baby” message .
    It took me two days to reply and when I finally replied, he started telling me how he is regretting marrying her and it would have being me .

    I laughed .
    I felt infuriated.
    But I controlled myself still and didn’t say a word.

    Two days later, he told me he wants us to see.

    ‘What for ‘…….I asked
    ‘I miss you Queen’……he replied .
    ‘No need for that ‘….I replied in a very calm way .

    He still chats me up but I have never replied again .
    The feeling I once had for him died the first day I saw that wedding picture .

    I didn’t post it online to attract self pity or to feed hungry bloggers .
    I kept it to myself.
    I endured it like a big girl.
    It wasn’t easy but I did .

    Growing up, I heard stories of how guys were killed on their wedding days, child naming ceremony, when taking their kids to school or on their way to work .
    Don’t play the kind of smart that will lead you to your early grave.
    I was able to control myself when I saw the pictures because the signs were there from the onset .
    He has always been a cheat.

    Let’s talk about a girl that wasted her youth on you.
    Let’s talk about that innocent girl that has done several abortions for you.
    Let’s talk about that girl that has discarded everybody in her life for you .

    The least you owe her is telling her on time that she doesn’t belong in your future .
    The least you owe her is telling her of your “real “ love life .
    It will hurt but she will definitely get over it .

    Not all girls can endure heartbreak.

    For the sake of your life and that of your family, save yourself some unnecessary dramas .

    Don’t do to another that which you can’t endure.

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    wickedness of the highest order

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    senator daniel
    senator daniel
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    take heart

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    you mean d guy ditch someone like dis babe I’m seen to another babe… for God’s sake, dis babe is beautiful in heart and in face

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    John joewe
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    Hmm, wicked world

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    take hrt dear

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    am not surprised,, Dats how dey behav,,, guys,,, I really don’t know wat to say abt dem

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