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    white chicks qo bow for black beatle

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    U go still see person to f--k i trust

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    Episode48…………………………….#FLASHBACK# The next day i woke up
    knowing i will be occupied to
    the deep. Being the social
    prefect i was to be a pivot in
    the smooth running of the
    sendforth ceremony. By 4:am i was up and rang the time
    keeper’s bell for all junior
    students to assemble. “year 1 downward come
    outside”,my voice and the
    sound of the bell could even be
    heard from the staff quarters. 5 minutes later i was already
    flogging late comers.
    “kpa kpa kpa kpa, you come
    here!!”. My wet skin belt was in
    action and it hadnt even
    worked for 2 minutes when volunteers came. You know you
    cant just flog defaulting juniors
    alone you must be assisted
    (either you like it or not) by
    your fellow year mate. After
    inflicting early morning pain on the defaulting Junior students i
    decided to survey all 40 rooms
    of the boy hostel to catch those
    gays who were still on their
    Luckily for my belt i had caught over 40 defaulters. The rage
    and tempo i used in
    manhandling them was
    outstanding and soon wails
    filled the hostel
    I gave them numbers and dismissed them to go for
    devotions after which they are
    to assemble in front of my
    room.Before 8:30 the hall was
    sparkling brightly,the chairs
    were neatly arranged. There
    wasn’t any hostel inspection
    that Saturday so some students
    were assigned to decorate the route after the school gate,
    weed some strategic area and
    the ladies were asked to
    sweep the walkway.
    By 10pm all work were done
    and i gently locked the school hall with my personal padlocks
    (i no want badbelle fall my
    hand). Breakfast was taken in
    the small dining and students
    were asked to clean up and
    stay in the hostel prior to the commencement of the
    ceremony. In all the ceremony was a
    success,my parents used the
    medium to visit me and i wa
    loaded once more. By 4pm the
    award night began and was
    rounded up by 7pm. And then came the time we all have
    been waiting for that is the
    farewell social Night. I gave
    the honour of anchoring the
    program to my predecessor and
    his female counterpart while i handled the school laptop
    which was responsible for the
    musics. First game played was
    the Devil’s basket and oboy it
    was surprising as lots of
    secrets and secret admirers were unravelled. Angela(school
    mum’s sis) was called upon to
    call out 3 boys,peck one,slap
    one and dance with one.
    O boy i was very happy when
    she selected me to be one of the boys though she picked a
    year One student to complete
    the trio ,i was even fantazizing
    on how i will rock those big
    butts of hers. And then came
    action time, she pecked Dele (my classmate), slapped me(a
    very hot slap that made the hall
    shook) and started rocking the
    year one student literally. I was very ashamed and
    headed to the back leaving Deji
    to handle the sounds system.
    ‘how will a girl embarrass me
    to such extent,i had try
    familarising my self with her but she choose to cast me out’.
    I was already at the back door
    leading outside when i was
    called back by my school mum.
    She and her friends were
    sitting in a *lonegu*. I greeted them and avoided the eyes of
    the one i I fvvkd the previous
    night. My school mum was
    disappointed i showed my
    annoyance publicly(that was
    what Angela wanted). “i pray o, that your sister na
    badt girl o”, i told her after she
    and her friends encouraged me
    not to give up the chase. She laughed and i whispered
    into her ears words like “i miss
    you”.. “i want you,right here if
    possible”. “badt boy”, she replied aloud
    and held my hand leading me
    outside the school hall.

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    Episode49………………………….A memorable quick fvvk we
    had though it wasnt the
    goodbye fvvk(details later). We
    held our hands exhausted as
    we entered the hall back.then
    the ex headgirl my school mum was called upon to give a
    farewell speech. She was
    emotional and received a
    standing ovation when she was
    through. She was asked to dance
    (impromptu cos she doesn’t
    participate in such during
    social nights) with a
    guy,morelike a farewell dance.
    I was called by her to be her dance partner(the fvvk we had
    minutes earlier must had
    motivated her judgements cos
    we all expected her to call on
    her quiet boyfriend).With a smile on my face i
    requested for 2baba’s
    Implication and 10/10 by
    Naeto C(levels don really
    change, i hope all will see how
    i will rock the school previous precious headgirl) while she
    requested for yorirori and Kas’s
    Fi mi le. I rocked her like a mad dog, i
    never knew where the strength
    came from but i kept up with
    the circular movement pace of
    her arse.
    And then came the final song Kas’s Fi mi le . Oboy Kas did a
    very good work on that track.
    She requested for a chair and
    dragged me to sit on it while
    she wiggled to the beat of the
    song. “fimile baby fimile….” . Men she
    rocked me all through that
    song while i made a scene by
    making faces and licking my
    lips in admiration. After the
    song she gave me a quick kiss and ran down the stage amidst
    cheers,claps and whistles from
    fellow students. That was the
    most intimate activity ever in a
    social activity through out my
    stay in that school.

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    Your luck shined

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    Rockinq the ukwu will be your consolation after the slap.

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    Lol consolation dance

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