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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Road to stardom 
    A story written by ademolar


    I am a music artist . I listen to the waves for tales of other shores and of the deep…. Life is like a wave motion, full of highs and lows. We sit on life’s shores with our hand open, waiting to receive. But the creator  knows, more than we do, what we need and what we don’t need. It takes away from us what we don’t need and drops it at another shore where it is needed. Sometimes it returns to us what it took away, refined and augmented with brine and other sea materials. The sea, like death, is not an end but a beginning. Beneath it there is no bed, but another surface, another air

    My name is David Mathias, few years ago after my tertiary education I was left with no other choice than to fend for myself, I strive hustle and hit the roads every now and then just to make a suitable amount for myself. 
    Most times I hope someone somewhere could hear my voice and sponsor my musical career. I believe in myself and I know what am made of, God had really blessed me with a good voice that could make a lion dance makosa ampersand etigi, but all I need is a sponsor..

    Sometimes I wish am from a wealthy family like the likes of tekno and davido, but the creator knows more than we do,. During the process of hustling I met couple of people, the funny the sadist, the hard-working and the layabout ones, part of them was my best friend and roommate heywhy.. 

    Will they help me get to the promise land? 
    Time will tell!!!


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    Precious Child
    Precious Child
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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Hmmm! @eliboy Mr kpekush abeg follow me throw register abeg… no time..

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    Certified Bae
    Certified Bae
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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Hmmmm! Sorry for the late update… now we back.. let’s roll

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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Road to stardom 
    A story written by ademolar

    Episode 1

    Music are spirits, we’d say in Africa, no one knows where they come from, or where they’ll end up, but in that brief moment that they are with us they animate and inspire us, and show us how possible the impossible really is.

    It was around 3 am in the morning, I woke up to the sound of 2face’s spiritual healing music, I really love 2face music he is indeed a legend ,he is an artist I always look forward to and he is also my mentor. I wait for a while till the track was over then I stood and switch off mini home theater set in our room.i stood up and I could feel the wind blowing from the outer part of my room, I picked my guitar and do a little rehearsal cus the next morning I will be having a musical audition, I really need to rehearse because I don’t know what I might meet there.

    As loud as the sound of the guitar was, I was very sure  heywhy my roommates  didn’t hear it. Heywhy  is a type of guy that can sleep under the rain, in short sleeping under the rain is an understatement let’s say he  can sleep through an earthquake, day in day out it is a ritual for him to sleep 8pm‎ every night and wakes up 10am in the morning and by 11am his next destination is D1 winners golden bet centre ,after that na to play PS 2 still he exhausted all the naira on him,‎ he never misses this , like he misses his Sunday service..

    Before I could notice, the time was already 6am so I quickly jumped up and dashed straight into the bathroom, in few minutes time I was set and good to go, I decided to wake my friend heywhy just to tell him I will soon be on my way to the audition and I might return lately. ‎

    I checked my wallet and I have just 300 naira there, and I will be going to eko hotel from ketu, Shai! I screamed..  So I have to ask heywhy maybe he could lend me some money, I  tapped  ‎him like six time simultaneously  but he didn’t make a move as if all my effort made no effect on him, so I tapped him  again,But this time it was filled with force and frustration I  hit him as if he had a fight with me
    Me  : heywhy! Heywhy!! Heywhy!!!  Oga ade wake up jorh! Them take sleep do you? Abi you no hear as I don de wake you since ni?  *i baked *
    Heywhy : (yearning )alaye wetin happen?
    Me : I just want to let you know I will be on my way to the audition
    Heywhy : so why you con de wake me ? shey na me be person whey wan do audition give you ni ?( he asked in a furious manner)

    Me : no vex the money whey de my hand no go reach me toe and fro , shey u fit see like 5h borrow me?. 
    Heywhy : I resemble your papa ni?
    Me : abeg nah!
    Heywhy : ok! From 2h to 5h…
    Me : ha! Wetin happen?.. abegi borrow me something jare.. 
    Heywhy : e be like say you no need am.. (he turned and resume his sleeping) 
    Me : ok! Oya 2h to 3h make we no meet again..
    Heywhy : ok nah.. he quickly reached his wallet and pulled out two hundred naira from it, he gave me..

    Me  : thank you paddi mi.. abeg I fit return late o,  cus naso you go begin sleep like dead goat when person go de knock ..
    Heywhy : Mr. man dey go jare, bye bye! no
    wake me again o if you no want make dem chase you comot for auditorium . (he screamed like someone who has an encounter with insanity)
    Me : ha! E don reach that level?
    Heywhy : e pass am! Ode (fool).. (he countered)

    He turns his back and before long he was snoring again . I  don’t  even bother to disturb him anymore, so I carried my acoustic guitar  and walked out of the room, on getting outdoor  i saw as Caro the runz girl busy working on her facial make up,I wondered where a runz girl will be dressing for at this hour of the day, but I don’t really have much time to reason her Mata so  I greet her and walked out with full speed,  ..

    Few hours time I got to the audition centre and I saw a large crowd of people sitting and getting prepared for the audition, at first I was furious to see a lot of people but one thing I surely know is that if I put in my best with the few av rehearsed, am gonna make it through the first stage or probably get something good out of the contest.

    As I went in to register my name , an overly made-up crone, stinking of expensive perfume  and dressed like an Eastern Bloc prostitute, gave me a quizzical look, but I never mind her as I walked pass her,  When I got in , ‎the auditorium  had an underground feel to it … I stood there wide-eyed … full of surprises  … filled with a sense of trepidation … couldn’t wait to explore more .

    As I was busy observing the environmental, one of the auditor , a short stocky chap with curly fair hair, was already at his desk. He stood up immediately and with an idiotic grin spreading a ridiculous amount of freckles, and flashing sky-blue eyes, bounded over like an excited puppy

    The contempt radiating from his narrow eyes, … made my leg start shaking, but I quickly calm myself 
    Me : good morning sir! My name is Mathias David, am here for the audition.. 
    Auditor : ok! Did you come along with the required documents ? 
    Me : yes sir ( I quickly pulled out a file filled with the photocopy of my password, birth certificate, state of origin and my ND certificate.. )

    He quickly collect them from me and in few minutes I was registered , he gave me a slip of Green paper with NO 106 on it.. “that’s your audition number, go get ready for the challenge ” he said while I walked  out to get myself prepared..


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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Road to stardom
    A story written by ADEMOLAR

    Episode 2

    I sat for a while and flip through my rehearsal note, I studied the music am gonna freestyle to the judges”Asa no one knows tomorrow ”  and I do some short rehearsal on it. I noticed some set of guys laughing  at me mockingly but I don’t even bother to care about why they were laughing i just keep on doing what I love doing, few hours time I overheard the judges call on NO 105!  at this point my heart started beating faster than it normally does..

     I knew in few minute time I will be call on, I prayed they buy everything I present to them, I pray I didn’t make any error and I hope for a call up message soon after the audition . I quickly round off my short rehearsal and took out of the ragolis water in my bag, I do some few voice training, before I could conclude that, I overheard the judge call out loud 106..

    I quickly jumped up and carry along my acoustic guitar, I walked in with full confidence, but when I got in the crowd I saw could easily make one pee on his short. I walked down to the audition centre and the judges asked me to show them what I gat , I quickly lift my guitar and I started playing it while I sing along. At first the crowd were not moved cus I noticed just only one person standing on his feet , but when I got to the second vocal 

    “Tell me what’s the need 
    To go to war/all the killings
    Just to settle some one else’s score o o o
    When the victory isn’t even sure
    No one knows tomorrow ”

    I saw everyone on their feet charring shouting and applauding me, I was really happy so I put in more effort till am finally done with the music. The Judges commend my style and also admire my voice, after they are done with their comments I was asked to wait for the result after the audition, it was actually 3pm and I still have over 200 people waiting to go in for the audition.. 
    Nawa o! Na here man go sleep ni.. I said within myself as I walked outside to wait till after the audition..

    I waited for 4 more hour until the audition was over , it was about 7. 30pm in the evening when they called us all in. The three judges addresses us and tells us to keep on with our music carrier that no one is a looser because all of us did well so they asked us to go home that they will send a  text to the winners in the next 3 hour  to come for the next round of the audition .

    I quickly stepped out of the hotel into the beautiful city of ikeja, I walked straight down and I get a bus going straight to ketu, I quickly board it and it drives away, on getting to ketu I had already exhausted the whole amount on me so I have to trekk from ketu garage down to alapere. Chai!! No be small thing o *i said within myself as I walked down home, I walked for about 30 minute before I found myself at the front of our gate..

    I quickly walked in and dropped my bag and guitar, I saw my dear friend heywhy already doing what he love doing..

    Me : heywhy!!! *i called for the tenth time*
    Heywhy : hmmmm? *he answered with his nose*
    Me : oga wetin you cook! I de hungry like mad o..
    Heywhy : I no cook anything jorh! No disturb me..
    Me : wetin I go come chop now? I de hungry wella o..
    Heywhy : them no share food for where you go?
    Me : no jorh! Them de share food for audition? 
    Heywhy : if you ask me, na who I go ask? Alaye go collect credit for Musa place jare, make you no disturb my life..

    I quickly stood up and head to musa’s place I collected one indomie and one egg and I made a dinner for myself.. after eating I was unable to check my text message maybe the company had sent me a congratulation text, so I vacate my bed with immediate effect.. few hours later at around 1am in the morning I overheard some people trying to make their way into our building, I quickly wake heywhy but he did not make a move so I decided to use water on him, he jumped up and tried to scream but I hold his mouth with my two hands. 

    Me : guy e be like say we get visitors de this compound o. *i whispered *
    Heywhy : which visitors? 
    Me : thieves nah, you no de hear them foot steps? 
    Heywhy : na true o, wetin we go do now?
    Me : make we call the police station whey de around us nah. E be like say I save them number that day whey them come give everyone them hotline for street.
    Heywhy : oya you call them, before it’s too late..

    The police officers, officially gave us their number because of the complaint and accusation people range on them that they are not helping our street from the hands of the armed robbers, so I quickly locate my phone and dialed the police number on my phone


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    ademolar (crown-prince)
    ademolar (crown-prince)
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    Road to stardom
    A story written by ADEMOLAR

    Episode 3

    I dialed for about five times but no one picked, so I keep trying till one of them picked..
    Officer : hello, who be that? *he screamed *
    Me : hello officer, am calling to inform you that there is an ongoing robbery at my place right away..
    Officer : enn! OK! Where be your place?
    Me : NO 5 kukoyi  church street alapere..
    Officer : ok! How many them be?
    Me : I think they are just 4 sir.. *i lied just to make them come quickly, cus I knew if I mention six or more, they won’t come..*

    Officer : you sure say them be just four?
    Me : yes sir..
    Officer : ok! Which kind weapon them get?
    Me : it’s machete sir.. *i lied again *
    Officer ; just machete? We go finish dem o..* he bragged *
    Me : officer abeg do quick them don de raid from down stairs..
    Officer : ok relax we go nack una street soon.. Sergeant!! Abeg fuel de that motor whey go fit reach to pursue armed robbers  ? (I overheard him calling out to one of his colleagues)
    Officer 2 : yes fuel de..
    Officer : ok! We de come now, just relax.. 

    I hanged off the call and I saw heywhy looking at me in amusement, I ignored him quickly put my phone on silent..
    Heywhy : Dave you Sabi lie sha!.. how you take know say them be four?
    Me : see you.. e be like say you no Sabi our police them ,if I tell them say the thieves pass four, you go wait till next tomorrow before you see them..
    Heywhy : na true you talk o.. hehehehe *he laughed *
     Me : oga this time no be time for joke, make we quickly hide some stuff before dem reach here..
    Heywhy : wetin you get whey you de hide? Abi make you hide yourself make dem no vex beat you cus you no get anything..*he said mockingly *

    We waited for about 20 minute but the police had still not arrived, the best option is to look for a way out.
    As we were  busy thinking on what to do, we heard them knock on our  door but we didn’t make a sound . 
    ” we go brake this door if una no open am o” one of them screamed!. 
    At this point I was shaking like a rain-soaked puppy.. heywhy on the other side was no where to be found, so I quickly opened the door and let them in. Immediately they got in, one of them landed a thunderous  slap on my left chick, with immediate effect my brain start  thinking anticlockwise, I fell on the floor helplessly crying out of the pain .

    They went ahead to search our room and they find nothing suitable for them. 
    “As u big reach, you no even get anything whey make brain apart from this mini home theater, you poor sha” one of the said mockingly..
    “Oya whey your phone” one of them asked

    I quickly pulled my tecno F6 and reach it out to them, luckily for me they removed my sim card and dropped it on the table.
    “Oya face the wall, we de your back o,if you look back or do phim I go scatter ur head with gun ” 
    I stood there watching the walls for about ten minutes until I felt a cold touch on my back..
    Heywhy : alaye look here jorh! Dem don go.
    Me : *crying* Heywhy where you run enter? 
    Heywhy : I de back of that wardrobe .. 
    Me : chai! Phone whey I just suffer buy..
    Heywhy : guy no reason am, thank God say them no kill you..

    Few minutes later we heard everyone screaming and crying outside, but still the police have not yet arrived .
    Me : Nawa for dose police o, since when I don call them. Them no even care to come…
    Heywhy : naso them de do jare..
    We didn’t even bother to visit them, I just picked my sim and inserted it in one nokia phone like that and went to sleep..


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