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    Home sweet home

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    Will try my best @ Rhyne-Bryne

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    Funky DST
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    Good morning well wishers
    New episode loading………

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    Funky DST
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    Episode 11

    My mum rushed out at almost the end of my kid sis voice.
    Mum: Daniel is this you?

    Me: mum yea it’s me

    Mum: awwwu sorry David how are you

    David: MA we are fine

    Mum: how is school and studies

    We: fine MA

    Mum: ehen you boy went to zaria to enjoy o, look at how u both have grown big

    We : (smile). Ah ah mama. It’s not easy over there o

    Mum: yea that reminds me where is my zaria bread?
    Or u both want to tell me you came home empty handed.

    We: funny mum, don’t worry uncle Nathaniel will explain

    Mum: OK o lemme not hook you guys with questions. Come over to the dinning ur food is ready.

    We: alright mum

    We all sit together as family to unleash the meal,serve before us was a huge plate of jellof rice design with meats for David and I to consume .in no time I was at it, I was rushing the meal without pity cause it’s my favourite while David was eating gently and stamping his foot on dah floor .
    Me: chai see as food Don sweet am sotay him deystamp foot for ground.

    David : hahaha shebi e sweet you too that why you dey rush am.

    Me: kudos to you mum you are a great cook.

    David: guy small small na, see as you dey rush the food come dey sweat.

    Me: o men leave me o, overtaking is allowed

    David: I for leave this food for you now, but be say I dey hung too make we crush am together

    Me: hahaha you for dey there na,you think say I go force you eat?.

    David: go jhor,your mouth na fridge I swear, you no dey feel the hotness of this food?

    Me: shebi na job you wan buy so

    David: sorry sir.

    All this while my mum, uncle Nathaniel and his wife were busy laughing to our jokes.the food was almost over, and mum ask if she should add? We both echo yes
    David: see your head like yes, if na school now who go add for you

    Me : lolz, that why there’s no place like home.

    David; true talk sha.

    Mum appear with food in different plate and place it on our front.

    Me: mom who and who are having this

    Mum: you both, since you are complaining and fighting so I choose to share it.

    David: mum I disagree with this o,we must eat together o,. “Die last” abi no b so?

    Me: bro your head dey there,mum no understand we that why.

    We joined the food together and off it went down to our stomach. We clear the plates and wash them immediately before reaching for the bathroom to take our bath.when we were done bathing we came back,change our clothes and catch a nice sleep. I was the first to wake up time check 10pm.

    Me: omo see correct sleep kai really no place like home.

    Me: hey baga,monkey wake up.

    David:oho, why u be devil like this na? See as you just come spoil sweet dream wey I dey enjoy

    Me: hey whatttttttt is your timeeeeeeee

    David: it’s quarter to go and buy your own.

    Me: hahaha if na school you dey where senior “Rugged” wake you, Na so you dey take answer am abi?.
    No worries you go soon buy job now.

    David; jesus so u mean say na since 2pm I sleep reach now?

    Me; no na since 9pm idiot

    David: I don hear, but which time you wake up

    Me; me wey wake up since around 4pm, I wake u tire u no wake before I go play ball with dem Rajiv

    David: chai u no do me well o, u for pour me water na

    Me: water gini?, u wey dey sleep like dead man .
    I beat you tire you no wake naiem I go leave you.

    David: you no good I swear.

    Me: forget jhor na lie I dey lie na now me self wake.
    Bro wait oh, I dey hear cent come make we go check.

    David: OK na

    We dashed to the kitchen to see mum preparing spaghetti.
    Me: yummy yummy dis one na our favorite o
    David how you see am?

    David: we go flex am na.

    We went to the parlor to watch show on t.v before the food was ready and served. We eat, relax a little took our bath, come back to watch a movie titled (new Jerusalem) . I ask after uncle Nathaniel and his wife, and I was told there where gone when we were fast asleep. We watch the movie till late midnight before retiring to bed.

    To be continued.

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    rhyne bryne
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    Next pls

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    Una go still sleep again? After sleeping for complete 8hrs?

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    N E X T

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