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    Nah grand children papa want now

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    Please we need your comments

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    You should face squarely on your own family now

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    ahhhh…dis story never end

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    Enjoy jor, you don really suffer

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    i realy love dis story

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    Episode 63

    I left for ilela in Sokoto to visit Auntie Sumbo,
    Baba’s third daughter whose husband happened to
    be a custom officer, he was away on duty at the
    border between Nigeria and Niger republic, The
    husband is from Kano state and theirs is a Muslim
    family. I could not drink beer here, in fact I planned
    to spend at least two days here but the atmosphere
    was too holy for me. My sister covered her body
    totally except for her face, even the way the
    husbands relation were staring at me as if I was
    one randy fellow in their midst. I was the only
    different person there by my dressing and
    disposition. My nieces could not play with me freely
    unlike Auntie Esther’s Children. I received an
    emergency call in the presence of Auntie Sumbo
    and I told the caller that I would be around the next
    I am needed back at Jaji tomorrow morning I lied
    to her
    Haba mana! This your work sef! They can’t even
    allow you to drop your bag before calling you back?
    She was disappointed.
    Don’t worry ma, I will be back as soon as possible.
    I traveled to Lagos to visit AUNTIE Deborah and her
    family at Lekki Plase 1. I have heard so much
    about Lagos that I was disappointed by what I saw
    when I got there. Lagos had been over hyped by
    every Lagosian I have met in my life that I was
    expecting to see a city made of marble, a city
    where people mind their own businesses and a city
    liken to the streets of Paris that I see on movies. I
    was greeted by the display of madness by warring
    factions of motor park touts at Ojota Motor Park. I
    saw men wielding machetes with blood stained
    bodies chasing each other, I saw another holding
    his amputated arm in the other hand while running
    away from an assailant, I saw a man chanting
    incantations and urging the other to cut him very
    well, the other was actually cutting but the machete
    did not inflict any injury on the voodoo man, the
    voodoo man pulled out an object from the pouch
    around his neck and touched the head of the man
    cutting him , then he walked briskly away while the
    cutter went on all fours running and barking like a
    dog. People in the night bus that I entered were
    shouting that only the urine of an old woman
    administered directly from the source into the
    man’s mouth can restore him, while this was going
    on outside, we were locked up in our bus waiting
    for the intervention of the Army. The Police had
    been there for hours but they kept a safe distance
    as they too awaited the back-up from ikeja military
    cantonment. Meanwhile a lot of drama was going
    on in the bus I was locked in. An early morning
    preacher had entered our bus at Ojota to preach and
    at the same time a drug peddler was waiting to
    advertise his products to us. The peddler ran out of
    patience when the sermon of the preacher was
    taking too long. He went and told the preacher to
    wrap up and allow him advertise his product too. A
    squabbled ensued and the two of them were
    pushed out of the bus only for another preacher to
    start another session of praise and worship. That
    was how Lagos welcomed me. We left Ojota at
    1:00PM when the Army arrived and chased the
    miscreant away and removed the barricades on the
    I actually planed spending two days with Auntie
    Deborah but I ended up spending one week.
    Auntie Deborah has four Kids through caesarian
    sessions; she has three girls and a boy. Her Car
    dealer husband wants more male children, Auntie’s
    doctor had warned her against another pregnancy
    since she could not deliver her children naturally,
    and consequently the husband was threatening to
    marry a second wife. That was the scenario I met in
    Lagos. I warned my sister against another
    pregnancy but she said she would rather conceive
    and bear the husband another son instead of the
    man to marry another woman, I told her that she
    already had both sexes of children, what if she
    takes in again and it is a girl? All efforts to make
    her see reason fell on deaf ears that I had no
    choice but to call Baba and tell him that his
    daughter was contemplating suicide.
    Baba was in Lagos the next day in the company of
    Akin and the DPO of the lekki-Ajah Police station,
    the man was in plain clothes but has his pistol
    tucked beneath his shirt.
    Immediately he entered the gate, Baba ignored all
    the greetings and summoned every one to the
    sitting room. There he bore his mind out to all.
    Look! Josiah or whatever your name is! If anything
    happens to my daughter, I will kill you! I swear by
    Ogun the god of iron! I will shoot you accidentally!
    Bet wit me! Bet nah! Uncle Josiah shifted away
    from Baba as he approached him hand outstretched
    for the bet. I was a police man and I have killed
    criminals like you in the course of my career!
    Haba Baba! Kilode na ! Uncle Josiah protested.
    You are pushing my daughter to have another
    baby abi? Even after the doctors have advised
    against it! After four operations? Ha! Josiah! O fe pa
    mil’omo! Baba was talking on top of his voice. You
    want her to die so that you can bring in your
    concubine abi ? Look! I have investigated you before
    coming here! Bring the woman home! Marry her and
    let her give you all the sons in this world but I
    promise you one thing, you and your stupid wife
    here! The day I hear that she is pregnant
    mistakenly, ha ha ha, Sango will bath wit your
    blood! Bet with me! I have brought the Police as a
    witness today! Baba went on venting his anger
    while my Sister was crying.
    You are there crying! Baba faced Auntie; can’t you
    read between the lines? Can’t you see the hand
    writing on the wall? Didn’t you have a male child for
    him? Are these not his children? Baba pointed at the
    kids in the sitting room as they surrounded their
    weeping mother.
    See their heads like their fathers! Yet he says he
    needs more boys! Don’t worry, you will get more
    boys! But not from Deborah!
    Excuse me sir! Sir please let me explain things to
    you! Uncle Josiah was raising his fingers to be
    Okay speak! Baba said and paused
    To Be Continued…

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