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    You literally didn’t make any sense

    what do you mean please?

    I think she meant that u really did not make any sense… according the last paragraph @ ur story if it’s that, even I know lol

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    Episode 4

    a bulky white guy poked his eye through the gate hole after I rang sixteenth time.
    “what do you want here? ” he asked as I heard him turning the latch on the door.
    “oh. Aye sir. Theres this, I’m sorry, I was thinking if there could be any job vacancy in this house” I replied as I fondled with my collars.
    He opened the gate slightly and peeped.
    “do you even know where you are boy? ” he asked after sizing me up with his big eyes.
    “no, I mean yes. ”
    ” there’s no job. Go away. ” and with that, he shut the gates.

    I stalked for a moment thinking what my friends would think if I told them I didn’t get a parent at the ministers house ,s--t!.
    I was deep in thought and as I turned to leave , a black Mercedes GLE narrowly hit my a-s outta the way. Quickly, I bumped to the side panting like a dog.
    “man that Was close” I murmured audibly at the driver as I straightened my collar.
    “you watch your back sometimes punk! ” he fired back.

    I was about saying something but I stopped when I saw the Mercedes pulling in into the driveway and coming straight towards the gate. I decided it must be the minister. Quickly, I moved aside for the car to pass but rather, it halted just in front of me and glasses wound down.

    A robust man with a hard face poked his eyes through the window, he looked at me before telling his driver to get down from the car and he alighted too.
    “what brings you here young man? ” he asked offering me his hand.
    I took it quickly and bowed my head slightly.
    “you’re the minister !” I exclaimed carelessly ” oh I’m sorry ” I quickly apologized . And all the while, the minister just looked at me.
    “I came in search of a job” I blurted out.
    “John… ”
    Quickly, the driver scampered to his side immediately he was called.
    “give… What’s your name? ” he asked admist words
    “Steve. Steve sir ”
    “give Steve the keys. And Steve, you’re in ” and with that, he climbed back into the car.

    I didn’t understand a bit of what had just happened. I tried to comprehend and breakdown everything but it just won’t work. First I came here for a job, second, insulted by a gate keeper and then almost got hit by an aggressive driver and somehow somehow I was offered keys to a Mercedes. It’s magical isn’t it?.
    ” I’m so f-----g happy ” I wishpered as I turned the car into the garage that housed other exotic cars.

    Quickly, I jumped down the car and rushed to the ministers side to have his bag but he declined telling Me to get used to the car.
    I still didnt wanna believe what ever just happend. How did he even know I could drive?
    What would my friends think when I told them.
    I haven’t even asked about my payment.
    I smiled like a little baby at the thought of everything.

    I hopped back into the car, kicked the engine into life, and in an expert way, I drifted backward causing a loud screeching sound as I sped outta the compound.


    I eased the car slowly as I tried to locate a spot to park. I killed the engine and as I alighted, stares welcomed me accompanied with loud whispers and gossips. I pressed a button on the key and immediately, the car initiated an automatic lockdown.
    “that’s Merceeded dude! ” a voice screamed among the crowds.
    “and it’s the latest model! ” another voice rang again.
    “I love it! ”

    My friends were waiting at the bar already beaming weird smiles at me as I joggled the keys in my hands.
    “man where the heck did you get that? Favy was the first to bump me with questions
    “is it fast? How many horsepower? Has she got hydrolics? ”
    “easy guys, you won’t believe me if I told you how I got that car. ” I calmly said as I sat down. I looked at Dave and he smiled .
    “I got myself a parent today! ” I declared with smiles all over my face.
    “I knew it dude! I knew you were gonna break through” Tony screamed happily as he threw his hand round my neck..
    “man how much? ” Favy asked tickling my ears.
    “I dunno, but I get to drive a monster around”
    “sounds like a deal” Dave chipped in.
    “and you get to handle those sweet, hot cars! ” Tony offered.
    “and I love cars” I confirmed as I portrayed myself racing the asphalt.
    “I love cars too” Favy announced too
    “we all love cars. ” Dave and Tony chorused.
    “and its on me tonight!” I declared as I stood up raising my cup the highest.
    “you don’t even know your payment yet dude.” Tony said dryly killing my spirit and Mehn I just couldn’t help but burst into laughter as I spanked his head playfully.
    “still on me! ”
    “cheers! ”
    “to Steve!”
    “to the minister!”
    “to the cars! ”
    “to the parents! ”
    “to money! ”
    “hey doggo” I rubbed my dogs head as I poured milk into his bowl. He didn’t even wag his tail. He just lapped up his milk and walk away.
    Things have changed alright and it would even change more. I didn’t have time for him anymore.

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    Am right bhind u man ride on

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    Congrats Man

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    How about the payment

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    Ireoluwa Emmanuel
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    and d minister’s daughter myt be d girl dat dashed dat slap

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    Alright, right on

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