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    Nontex Dick
    Nontex Dick
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    Alex…see what u have positively done to her life,your counselling really changed her mind

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    Nontex Dick
    Nontex Dick
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    Sandra…it’s a good thing to know that u are still a virgin…majority of those people that really wanna sext u wanna dump u,your real boyfriend must not be desperate to sext u

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    Nontex Dick
    Nontex Dick
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    Molyn…now that your sister has told me that she’s a virgin,the way u do your things shows that u are also a virgin

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    wow, Alex you are indeed a blessing, Sandra let God be your strength. all shall be well,,,,, I just love how this is going….. continue

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    alex, you really did a great work in the life of sandra. i hope you can be friend for life

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    molyn is such a nice person if it’s another person she would have despise sandra also

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    Alex, u act like a gud guy keep it up and no mess up oh.

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    Episode 4

    Molyn packed her books, arranged the library
    materials carefully on the table and caught up with
    Sandra and Alex who were waiting outside the library.
    The three walked to the Royan café and took
    seats around a table towards the back. The twins talked
    with Alex as if they had been friends for a decade.
    “I like the way Pastor Tom preaches. I was also
    impressed with him when he interviewed me”, Molyn
    said but was bemused when she didn’t get a response
    from Alex. “Or what do you think, Alex?”
    Alex was jealous but admitted to himself that
    things like this were bound to happen. After all, they
    were friends and Molyn had every right to be plain and
    sincere with her sister and her new found friend.
    “Oh yeah! Tom is a great guy”, Alex said. “Since
    we came to college as freshmen, I could tell that he
    would become a spectacular preacher someday.”
    Sandra had been listening to the conversation
    with great interest. She wasn’t aware that she had been
    staring at Alex until Molyn tapped her feet, under the

    ‘What is wrong with me? I can’t be getting
    attracted to this guy already!’ Sandra said to herself,
    upset at her behavior. She only hoped Alex hadn’t
    caught her staring at him. And if he had, she hoped he
    thought little of it.
    “You girls go change. I’ll come to your dorm by
    7:45 so we could go for bible study together”, Alex said
    after their meal. The girls assented and walked to their
    dorm alone, insisting that Alex get some rest himself.
    In their room, Molyn was quick to tease Sandra
    about Alex, and she in turn teased Molyn about Pastor
    Tom. In no time, pillows and laughter filled the air.
    The twins had been to two Sunday services but
    had never been to weekly meetings. They were thrilled
    at the number of students who had already turned up
    fifteen minutes to the start of the meeting.
    Alex led his new friends to the fifth row, right
    of the altar, where he liked sitting and explained the
    order of service to them.
    They heard a thud and turned to look. It was
    Tom Hacks, the student pastor, walking in.
    Sandra turned to look at Molyn and couldn’t
    suppress the grin that curved her lips. Moyln’s cheeks
    were all red.
    Alex too noticed Molyn’s tension and couldn’t
    help marveling at the power men could have over
    women, and vice versa.
    Pastor Tom seemed to be walking towards

    ‘Oh no! I hope I don’t mess this up. Girl, get a
    grip’, Molyn chided herself.
    The student-pastor walked over to say hello to
    his friend, Alex, and his female compnions.
    “Alex, good evening. It has been a long day,
    Alex nodded and shook his friend’s hand.
    “May I meet your friends?” Tom asked
    rhetorically, turning to face Sandra and then Molyn.
    They made brief introductions and Tom
    seemed impressed. “I’m Tom Hacks. I’ll be delighted if
    you call me Tom. The pastor thing makes me feel older
    than I am.”
    Tom’s simplicity was already tugging at Molyn’s
    “Nice meeting you both”, Tom eventually said.
    “I have to greet a couple of people before the service
    begins. Hope to see more of you both. Enjoy God’s
    love with us tonight.”
    With that, Tom excused himself, walked
    towards Steve Mann, and asked him to start playing the
    song, Sweet Jesus, how I love you, on the piano. He then
    moved on to greet other folks.
    Molyn was impressed with herself for being so
    calm. It had been a while since she last felt this way
    about a guy. While still reminiscing, Steve motioned
    for all to rise and sing to God. He both played the
    keyboard and sang. It was a remarkable time of
    worship. Alex could see that the twins were impressed
    with Steve, so he whispered to them. “He’s the best
    student pianist in the South.” They were again yarndyed.
    It was now time for the teaching. Tom Hacks
    walked up to the lectern, placed his bible on it, and
    wore his pair of glasses. Molyn could hardly believe he
    was the same person she had just spoken with. He
    looked so transformed and she couldn’t help noticing
    that he looked all the more handsome. His very
    presence held the attention of the congregation.
    Molyn concluded that this fellow standing before her
    was definitely born a pastor.
    “We’re going to do a brief study of what Jesus
    meant when He told us to be witnesses of Him to the
    world”, Pastor Tom began. He opened several
    scriptures to buttress his points.
    “Jesus didn’t instruct us to preach on our
    campus only. He asked us to reach out to the whole
    world.” Tom said every word with so much power,
    faith and love that even the hardest of hearts would be
    As he concluded his sermon, he looked at all
    the faces in the congregation and smiled.
    “The Lord has instructed us to go on a mission
    trip to Africa during Christmas. If God has touched
    your heart and you want to be a part of this, please see
    me after this meeting. I’ll be meeting on a regular basis
    with everybody who volunteers, in preparation for this
    He paused, looked at members of his
    congregation, his eyes finally settling on Molyn, and
    said, “I hope you’ll join me.”

    …to be continue

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