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    Story written by Nisor .G. Wonderful God. All copyrights reserved. No copying,publishing and posting without the permission and approval of the writer. Contact the writer through:
    Tel: 07038155079
    Facebook: Nisor wonderfulamaya
    Imo: 07038155079
    Instagram: Nisorwonderfulgod
    Email: [email protected]

    The journey took about 3 hours. I and Miranda was already sleeping because of how we cried.
    We were still sleeping until they shouted at us to get down from the Volvo. The place they took us to was a very big house it wasn’t painted but it was roofed and widowed. It was located in a hidden place with bushes surrounding the building. They dragged us inside and placed us in a dark room. They switched on the light and left. That was when we realised it was an empty warehouse. Five able bodied guys were already waiting for us. They talk rudely and made mockery of us. One of them received a phone call
    Guy1:yes we don receive the package……they be four…… Okay..okay…..okay….I don hear…okay….we go see later
    Guy2:wetin oga con talk na
    Guy1:oya go bring ropes come here. He say make we tie the boys make we nor touch the girls at all
    Guy2:okay na.
    They tied Preston and Presley. We all sat on the floor. I rested my head on Preston’s shoulder so did Miranda on Presley’s shoulder. The idiots were Still there watching us.
    Me:who do you think is behind all these?
    Miranda:who else if not that b-----d who raped you
    Me:I am also suspecting him but will he go this far?
    Preston:are you defending him or what?
    Me:of course not I am just surprised
    Presley:Milly,Nigerians are desperate they can do anything to get everything and everything to get anything. They can even murder their family just to do it. So am not surprised if its that b-----d because this is even more than what he can do
    Preston:now I can’t even touch your face
    Me:(sniffing) don’t worry(I kissed him) at least you can feel my lips
    Guy1:see make una nor do that love for here o here nor resemble garden or hotel room look around na die una wan die so make una dey feel lips well well
    Me:guys please tell me who sent you to do this to us?
    Guy1:and who you think say you be? Queen if England? For your case right now na only Jesus can save
    Me:please I will pay you # 6million naira if you just let us go
    Leader:miss Milly do you really have that kind of amount of money?seem you are a very rich spoilt girl
    I have never seen the guy before but Preston and Presley seems to know him
    Preston:martin why are you doing this?
    Martin:dont you think you have have to pay for what you did to my boys in campus?
    Preston:but if we have to pay Brenden also must pay
    Martin:I choose whom to pay for my boys and I choose you the p.p not the b.b(laughing evilly)
    Preston:so what next now? Are you gonna leave us like this?
    Martin:of course not you will have to wait for the master to come sentence you.
    Preston: what master aren’t you the leader?
    Martin:not anymore. You see I have backed up with some confras so I am no longer the master
    Preston:why give your position to someone else?
    Martin:look I am tired of you guys chasing us out of campus simply because we are cultists. I want freedom for My boys I want freedom for myself which I got even if it caused me giving out my position to someone.
    To be continued..
    Link to season 1

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    Episode 1 scroll up

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    + Episode 2+

    Preston:who is this master
    Martin:too many questions already you wait and see for yourselves (he shifted his gaze from Preston and looked at me smiling) hmmm miss milly you look prettier than they say how about you treat me now(rubbing my cheek)
    Preston: get your hand off her
    Martin:make me
    Preston:(struggling with the rope)
    Me:please stop martin stop
    Martin:how about I treat you tonight?
    Me: but you should know that I don’t do your type!your too cheap and ugly.
    I regretted saying those words because it attracted a mighty slap which sent me crashing on Preston’s body
    Preston:how dare you!(struggling with the ropes)
    Martin:I think that slap isn’t enough for you
    He stood me up and pushed me which sent me going down on the floor before I could even sit up properly,he forced me down again
    Miranda:aren’t you ashamed?can you beat on of those men over there(pointing at the able bodied men)
    Martin:meaning what
    Miranda:meaning we know already that you can beat a woman so stop showing your talent already
    Martin:I am not beating her. I just want to taste her since she has now become the university s--t
    Miranda:do you know that you are a b-----d?
    Martin:you can say that again
    This time he meant business. He pressed my hands on the floor and lied in between my legs
    Preston:what do you think you are doing?(shouting)
    Martin:am about playing basketball idiot.
    He started using his mouth to open my buttons. miranda tried helping but he slapped her instead. The able bodied guys were sitting at a corner smoking and drinking watching us as if it’s a movie being displayed for them. He has barely opened the fourth when the door opened it was Brenden.
    Brenden:what do you think you are doing?
    Martin:(zipping up his trouser) uhhh……mmmm…..I w….a…sss dooo…ing…no…nothing.
    I stood up and went to preston holding him and crying
    Brenden:I saw everything clearly. (He reached for Martin and punched him thrice which made him bled) now get out of here. Martin hurriedly left the room. As soon as Marvin left the room, brenden faced us.
    Preston:brenden, you know this is against the confraternity rule. Why are you doing this? What us your plan?
    Brenden:(scuffs) to hell with the confraternity rule it hasn’t helped me one bit. Why am I doing all these? First of all I should let you know that you caused all these!
    Brenden:well never mind. Now, if I decide to shoot you and Preston and add the p.p to my hmmm……. I forgot to tell you its no longer the b.b. its now the b.w(brand wolves). If I decide to add the p.p to my b.w and then marry Milly what will you do about it?
    Preston:you b-----d (struggling with the ropes)
    Brenden:easy bro you can’t untie it.
    Me:and having me known about yih killing Preston and Presley,I will agree to marry you?
    Brenden:you will have no choice by then
    Me:hmmm really?
    Brenden:in fact I don’t like you sitting with preston there.
    He dragged me and stood me up.I tried not to stand but he succeeded.
    To be continued..

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    m glad dis season came up on time, I can’t wait fr more episodes… next pls

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    won’t miss this for anything

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    @bhrollyhqueen @macrex @wizd @oma @b-boyz @fii-fi @kingin55 @olayintan @excellentsmart @timothy @sommyangel
    season two is here

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    Nze lucky
    Nze lucky
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    Ayam here already … Move on

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    Hmmmmm… on
    thanks @jummybabe

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