• M sorry for the late post

    I woke up with a smile on my face,pain between my legs..either ways I felt great.
    childi_hy bby,get up(pecks me) I made u breakfast in bed
    me_awhhhhh(sits up)tnks bby
    chidi_how u feeling
    me-better…(drinks from my glass of juice)
    chidi_i love yhu
    me_i love u too

    we took our step at a time
    we both wrote our waec and…[Read more]

  • Continuation

    I woke up and found chidi sleeping peacefully,i stared at him for a while and smiled..
    I was still thinking about how lucky I was to ave a boyfriend as cool as him.
    His phone chimed..it was a text I opened the unread message nd it read “baby I miss u”..i started shivering,the ac wasn’t even on,i was cold,angry..i started sobbing
    He…[Read more]

  • EPISODE 13
    2weeks later

    I laid in bed thinking about how dave betrayed me…I decided to call him
    it rang for some second before he picked up
    dave_are u done flirting with that goldigger,,,,cant you see his fooling you…betty that bastard does not deserve you.
    me_are you done talking..tell me are you done rattling let me make something clear to…[Read more]

  • Episode 12
    I left chidi’s house late in the afternoon, he saw me off to where I could get a cab,the driver has already reversed when he asked the driver to stop.
    he opened the car,pulled me out and kissed me”think of me with that he said when he pulled apart.
    I was smiling when the car pulled way

    I stood outside my gate
    how was I going to face…[Read more]

  • EPISODE 11
    when chidi’s lips met mine,my whole world expored.
    he kissed me gently at 1st and as minutes rode by,he let his passion control him
    he kissed me faster now,sucking my lips,taking small bites of my lips,i pushed my tongue out like I saw dave o and he sucked it.
    I started feeling out,there was this sensation tingling between my leg..,I…[Read more]

  • EPISODE 10
    I looked at chidi strangely after he said those words I didn’t know if I should slap him or laugh”
    “I need to go home was the only thing that came out from my mouth when I finally spoke.
    “It’s late and I can’t let u leave in this shape…m sorry about the kiss he said holding my hands.
    “let me get u water to bath and something to eat…[Read more]

  • good evening
    I cried harder the moment I knew it was chidi who hugged me,
    “hey Betty calm down he said rubbing my back.
    “he betrayed our friendship I said between sobs
    “hey come here he said leading to sit on a tree stump “shhhh he said
    I regained my self,and tried to release myself from his grip
    he laughed “hey don’t fight it you need…[Read more]

  • episode 8
    I got home late just like I predicted Caro was worried”small madam welcome,your papa come but he don commot, buh small madam why u stay out late like this nw,u make my mind fear.
    “Caro please am tired I would love to eat bath and sleep,please get me my food”i said sounding tired
    she brought my meal of eba and okro soup filled with smoked…[Read more]

  • Goodmorning pple
    happy new month

    it wasn’t really hard locating chidi’s area. I quickly parked my car outside and called to say I was standing outside..a quick at chidi’s environment and u could tell it was a slum, a mini slum I mean. the gutter smelled bad “where the fuck is he “I said dialing his number again
    “hey m close sorry I…[Read more]

  • Goodmorning everyone and happy new month
    kip the lovely comments coming in pple
    Jah bless

    I was surprised “he is bossey and I like it”
    I got home,took my bath,i put on my rugged jean trousers and a T-shirt. I wasn’t hungry cuz I ate lunch at school.
    I tried talking to Dave in class buh to no avail,he avoided me lyk I was…[Read more]

  • I posted a story buh i can’t see it
    it’s titled my life

    things went really slow in school that day,i just wanted the day to end so I would go home. I really didn’t know why Dave was acting cold I mean he was not my dad or anything,he had a girlfriend he adored, I never knew I wasn’t allowed to like someone .the Truth is dah I was jealous of Dave and debby.
    “ahhhh I sighed loneliness is taking…[Read more]

  • Episode 4
    I was shocked when I saw the person who saved me from falling
    “u again wait re u stalking”i said to guy who carried me off without my consent the other day.
    “a simple thank you, would do miss betty Johnson”he said and winked at me. this cute devil winked at me
    I blushed like a 12 year old girl who was being offered sweets by her crush…[Read more]

  • am sorry
    I had trouble pisting episode two and three
    Tnks for reading

  • episode 2&3
    MY Life episode 2

    I was sitting on my bed thinking of a way to deal wit caro.when my phone rang looking at the caller ID I discovered it was dave my Yeye bestie who I was mad at for deserting me when things got out of hand.
    ”bae ah ah u too vex jor Oya sowie,buh y would u call her a pet”he said
    ”u re annoying I swear sinx frid…[Read more]

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