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  • Episode 30

    It is very late when Chris approaches the Boys Quarters.
    He is still running.
    He had ran from Effe’s house all the way here, and he is
    out of breath.
    His T-shirt is soaked and plastered to his skin.
    He is breathing in wheezes, and his huge frame is still
    vibrating from the night’s severe torture.
    His…[Read more]

  • Episode 29

    Steve sees the dangerous signs, and he knows just how
    violent and unpredictable Chris can be.
    He turns hurriedly and runs into Effe’s bedroom, shutting the
    door and picking up his boxers and shorts.
    Junior cannot be held back anymore. He comes round is
    father and looks at his mother.
    He holds up Chris’ arm and shows the new watch to…[Read more]

  • Episode 28

    Effe gets out of Steve’s car, murmurs her thanks, and flees into the house.
    She meets her startled father in the living-room, and he holds her as she tries to go upstairs.
    Hey, hey, Princess. What’s it? Why do you look so upset?
    I need to go upstairs, Dad. How’s Junior?…[Read more]

  • Episode 27

    Chris gets out of the taxi and pays off the driver.
    He takes a deep shuddering breath for the umpteenth time as
    he stands and surveys Effe’s residence.
    The image of Steve hand all over Effe, his lips on hers,
    comes back to haunt him.
    He grits his teeth and his hands ball up into massive fists.
    He is so jealous and in so much pain…[Read more]

  • Episode 26

    Chris steps forward, suffused by a terrible rage, but just
    then he feels a hand on his shoulder, and he spins,
    dropping into an attack crouch, and looks into the grinning
    face of a tall, heavily-build young man wearing red trunks
    and a red hoodie.
    He is MICHAEL CRANKSON, current Grandmaster of GojuFist.
    Wow! Super…[Read more]

  • Episode 25

    Rupert is driving.
    Eyram is sitting by his side.
    In the back seat is Chris.
    Rupert is wearing an excellently-tailored black suit, white
    shirt and maroon tie. Eyram is in a dark green dress that
    shows off her stunning beauty.
    Chris is making do with one of the black jeans Eyram has
    bought for him and…[Read more]

  • Episode 24

    Baaba is wearing a blue dress that stops on
    Her hair is braided and curled around her
    head and held on top of her head. She is
    wearing dark shades.
    He notices that there are tiny marks and
    scars still on her face and arms from where
    the glass had cut her, and she still has a
    bandage around her left wrist.
    She drops slowly…[Read more]

  • Episode 23

    The Reverend Brand Bawa stands at the upstairs window of his
    house looking out across the beautiful green garden of his
    backyard garden.
    He can see Stan and his wife and daughter far off near the
    It seems Diana and her husband are also there.
    He closes his eyes for a moment, forcibly trying to push…[Read more]

  • Episode 22

    Eyram knocks on the door and hears his deep
    voice from inside.
    She turns the handle and goes in.
    She is dressed for the office, and she walks
    briskly into the kitchen.
    He is sitting at the plastic table with a mug of
    black coffee in front of him. She smells and
    notices the toasts on a plate on the…[Read more]

  • Episode 21

    Chris does not move away from the wall where he
    is leaning, and he does not drop his folded arms
    from across his chest.
    His eyes are hard glints of suppressed anger as
    he watches them approach.
    They stop and as they look at him he can see
    the shock in their eyes. He is still naked from
    the waist up, and they know that he has…[Read more]

  • Episode 20

    Junior, his mouth smeared with sauce and a long
    trail of a noodle disappearing fast into his
    mouth, is holding out a plate to his father.
    Oh, please, Daddy, Daddy! Just one tiny
    weeny little small scoop, pleeeeeeease!!
    Chris is laughing down at his son, his cheeks
    dimpled by that smile.
    Champ, you’re going to burst!…[Read more]

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  • Episode 19

    Effe stares after Eyram’s car, and then she
    sighs heavily.
    She had believed Baaba, and she had been
    mean to Chris the previous day!
    He had spent two nights in cell ever since he
    came out, all because she had been directly and
    indirectly involved!
    Does she really hate him that much? If indeed
    she does, why hasn’t she still been able t…[Read more]

  • Episode 18

    The Commander points in the direction of Chris, and then he turns
    and looks Effe, who is holding the hand of Junior and has a
    shocked expression on her face.
    Junior sees his father, and he drops his mother’s hand and
    Chris turns, surprised.
    Eyram’s arms drop, and she steps back quickly.
    She watches as…[Read more]

  • Episode 17

    The main yard of the Central Police Station is crawling with the
    press and curious people.
    The previous evening’s episode of Elaine’s popular GIRL VIBZ talk
    show which featured Mr. Chris Bawa as “The Beast” has made
    the press get up early to storm the police station.
    From radio, television and p…[Read more]

  • Episode 16

    On the television screen Elaine is walking forward again.
    That was not the only atrocity Mr. Chris Bawa committed that
    night. Two hours earlier, before he smashed poor Adwoa into a
    tree, Mr. Chris Bawa had launched a senseless attack on his
    uncle, Mr. Ruben Essel. You all know Mr. Chris Bawa was an
    expert in the martial arts…[Read more]

  • Episode 15

    Elaine turns the lock of the door, and then she walks forward and
    holds Effe’s hands in solidarity.
    Chris turns away from her.
    He cannot bear the sheer hatred in her eyes.
    He walks to the window and stands still, with his back to her, and
    his head bowed.
    He squeezes his eyes shut tightly, but the tears seep through
    anyway, and fall…[Read more]

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