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Hullo dearest friends!

I’m so sorry for being unable to post our short story LIFE OF CRIME these past few days, it’s just that i have been extremely busy lately….. However do keep checking, cos i will soon commence with it full time, in order for us to welcome another new short story…… THANKS ALOT FRIENDS….

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10 thoughts on “Hullo dearest friends!

  • menipo

    no problem. But i hope we’ll be able to follow both. Or don’t You think we should take them one at a time? So we don’t have divided attention.

  • kaxmytex

    Yah…u’re right menipo

    val,i fink it would b beta if u take it one afta d other o


    Ok brothers

  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude

    be fast ooooooo

  • Blachberrydude

    val something is wrong ooooo

  • Blachberrydude

    am seeing something like warning

  • fitzfrankses7

    Me too Val,the warning scripts are really annoying

  • tochi

    Behind u all the time bro

  • tochi

    Just don’t keep us waitin bro

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