I died in the arms of love
Watching my pain sail by
I cried when no one watched
As I bid the moon goodbye
I lay helpless watching the starry sky
My emotions gone with the wind
I died again and again
Taking joy in the pain of heartbreak

I died in the arms of love
When by dawn her voice I did not hear
I searched the horizon with keen eyes
Sighting only tiny specks of dust
I stand by the door by dusk
Hoping to hear her laughter again
I went to bed lonely that night
Her warmth ringing only in my heart

I died as I had died before
My lifeless body casted out in the street
The vultures marked the sky
Too sorrowful to devour my carcass
They plugged red and white roses
Covered me with a blanket of hibiscus
They stood at my head and sang
The medley “Live and lets die”

I woke into a changing grace
Staring into the warm eyes of love
I stretched my hand touching the moon
I kissed the sun full mouthed
I rose to find love waiting
Seated patiently eyes soaked as she watched
I touched her and it was real
But again I didst die in love’s arm

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