I wish to be reborn again
Watching the sun rise again
I wish to taste warm milk again
Crying while being bathed again
I wish to be cuddled again
Singing lullaby to lull me to sleep again
I wish to be carried round again
Tied firmly with wrapper to mother’s back again

I wish to soil my clothe again
Dropping soft lumps of s--t again
Laughing as water splash my nyash again
Smile while being dusted again
I wish to wear pampers again
Giving me a soft seat all over again
Peeing on it to soak it again
Sleeping in it all through the night again

I wish to be taken to school again
Clutching firmly on my mother’s hand again
Looking with awe at other pupils again
Being taught to write all over again
I wish to become a head boy again
Standing in front of students again
My words being power again
Punishing defaulters all over again

Now I’m but a youth
Enjoying sunshine in her arms
Watching the birds sing on meadows
While we exchange kisses
Now I’m but a father
Working hard to provide shelter
My kids all around me screaming
Making me wish to be reborn again

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