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{4} Increasing her desire:
To increase your woman’s desire, she is already feeling your caresses. Use your
hands, rub over her clothes while kissing her nip.ples. As you do
this you are stimulating her on
multiple levels and her arousal is growing. You should move over to her legs only when you think she is already wet. Sometimes it’s good to first touch around the lining of her panties and gradually move them aside to touch her directly.
It can be very exciting for ladies if you don’t suddenly pull down her panties, instead explore with them on
for a while. Instead of taking them off.
Touch the inside edge of her panties from front to back, explore her buttocks and then move back to touch and feel for her wetness before exploring further.

You can them remove her panties and explore her inner
thighs, circling her whole v---a and eventually touching her cli.toris. The c------s can be said to be the most important missed part of a
woman’s body and most ladies love to have it stimulated before se.x. Try your best and play with it for a while.*winks*

One other trick to helping your woman
achieve maximum pleasure is to bring her close to o----m and resist the urge to push her over the edge. Ladies experience more intense orgasms when they are stimulated, brought to the edge of o----m and allowed to relax. Once this happens one or two times, and
she finally does have her o----m it will be much more powerful *smiles*..

{5} Penetration:
Once your woman is highly aroused, you will then be her primary concern. She will want it much more than you do. So simply enter like a King and enjoy your meal. {But don’t let your desire overwhelm you, so that you can last a little longer}

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