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Matters of the heart!

Hullo dearest friends,

I met a friend this evening across the street, looking very sad and angry,
“guy wetin make you keep face like this?” i asked, while he shruggled,
“my guy i went to charge my phone for dammy’s shop this evening, as i dey plug my phone, a guy whom my girlfriend told me was her Ex, entered the shop to charge the phone i just bought last week for her, guy i’m just confused what should i do?” he asked me, and seriously i really didn’t know what to tell him……..

Dear friends if you are in his position what will you do?……

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19 thoughts on “Matters of the heart!

  • Dan

    he should go and collect his phone from her jor

  • Petokey

    That simply means the gal is playing a fast one on him. Wait am coming, where is my gun?

  • Tunex

    He shd ask her 2 bring d phone immediately.

    • Joy

      But what if the girl refuses to bring the phone?


    But For me i think he will only have the mouth to ask for his phone, if he is yet to taste the girl

  • Kenny

    Do it my way…. Call d gal ova, make sure she kumz wit d fone… Wen she kumz, colet d fone, pull ha simcard ad gyv t 2 ha. WALK HER OUT. Dn take d fone ad sow a seed on a guy usin nokia torch

  • sophy1

    @kenny, wel said, jst act cool n ask her over. Play wit her n colect ur phone b4 she leaves. End of story

  • Damex333

    Kenny and sophia don talk am finish.

  • ifeanyi samuel

    Wat if she don dash de fone to de guy. Wenti u go do

  • Izuone

    I agree with kenny and sophia, use style collect your phone and show her your back.

  • Izuone

    Whether she dasham the guy or not , find style make her bring the phone come visit you. Don’t fall double mugu.

  • Izuone

    @ val, even if i don chop the girl, a million times, i must recover that phone. Why ? Because i bought it for the girl not for the supposed ex.

  • Zinny-zara

    guys una harsh oh…but finally me 4 collect d phone 4rm d gal if na me b d guy…just cal her d way u do cal her 2cum ova…u can even tel her u’ve a surprise 4 her….d surprise wuld b 2 collect d phone nd breakup wit her….she nd dat guy go possibly dey see u as maga mugu….maga pay, guy wack…

  • Zinny-zara

    stop sleeping on a moving bike….shine ur eyes

  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude

    thts why i dont buy fone for girls

  • Blachberrydude

    is not am stingy oooo

  • Blachberrydude

    i have my reasons

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