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Matters of the heart!

Sometimes we guys do get caught while cheating, and after a day or two or some apologies we are forgiven, but i’m kind of wondering whether you will forgive your girl when you catch her cheating on you??

For me our affair will end that moment, even though i may still keep her for pleasure, till i get a replacement, how about you guys, will you forgive your girl and go on with the relationship??

“betrayal” comes up by 10:30pm do stay tuned….

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16 thoughts on “Matters of the heart!

  • Joy

    Lol nice question, ask them i need to read their replies

  • Faymouz

    Really as for me it will end @dat point.I will make sure I keep her as my nacking mate nothing serious at all.

  • sophy1

    u c, wicked guys.

  • Faymouz

    Yea surprises me how ladies manage 2 deal with cheating some will even 4give their guy up 2 3times.

  • Zinny-zara

    4 me i can only 4give if he tells me abt his deed…i wuld feel he is sorry 4 him 2tell me…bt i dnt think i can 4give if i find out myself afta sumtym….he shuld just kiss my a-s gud bye

  • Izuone


  • Izuone

    But i wouldn’t condone cheating

  • Blachberrydude


  • Blachberrydude

    if i catch u cheating no hard feelings

  • Blachberrydude

    i will still keep you to warm my joystick

  • everrichy

    These ideology started in d bible. Men married wives. No woman ever married husbands. My gal is fired if she cheats on me.


    If She Can Forgive You……..Why Can’t You Do Same To Her………I’ll Forgive Her But If She Repeats It, There’s Gonna Be A Goodbye From Me.

  • timsezeh

    I’ll never cheat on her and also never forgive if she cheats

  • Damex333

    Forgive ko, forgo ni. Cheating s bad.

  • Petokey

    Am speechless

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