Yesterday i was discussing with two corper friends and three female elderly employees, at my place of work, and our discussion was on mother’s role in approving wives for their male children……

The women kind of insisted that their sons can never marry a girl they don’t like or approve, because they can never disapprove a girl without genuine reasons, and they concluded that “any son who marries a woman his mother dosen’t approve will surely end up with a scattered/broken marriage”………

But we the guys, insisted that mother’s are not always right in reading a girl’s character, even though we agreed that we will try to make our mum approve any girl we wish to marry……

However, i do feel sometimes that mother’s decisions are often one sided, for example i have a cousin who for the past three years have been bringing home different girls every xmas for his mum to approve, she rejected the first one because of her small figure and short nature, rejected the second because she always looked very serious and dosen’t smile, play nor behave to her taste, and then rejected the third girl because of her family background….

Okay another example is my case, supposing i later end up with chinwe and my mum refuses, because of Adaora, do you think my marriage will later crash?? Seriously friends would you allow your mum to be a major stakeholder in your marriage?? And do you think marriages without mothers approval works??…….
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