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Matter’s of the heart!

Hey friends i got a mail this morning, from one of us, and i was permitted to post it with her name…….

I’m currently in a three months old relationship with a very nice guy, but recently my feelings and love towards him drastically dropped. Anyway I’m still with him, but i want to know what could be the cause, whether any of you guys have experienced such, and how to overcome it.


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11 thoughts on “Matter’s of the heart!

  • Innocent

    It happens to me too, sometimes i will love a girl very well this week, the next week i won’t like her that much again.

  • Fidel

    Give him a ltl space n analz d whole r/ship so far.

  • Kenny1795

    Distance makez d heart grow fonder. Jes lyk sum1 suggested gyv him space….

  • timsezeh

    Fidel said it all

  • Izuone

    What happened? He changed or have you grown tired of him or was it all about s-x. Its your r/ship ,find what ails it.

  • Izuone

    Or are you comparing him to another or you have another toaster, seriously 3 months is too short for your feeling to be changing , even flings last more than this

  • Blachberrydude

    no comment


    Space is all you need. Sometimes distance R/ship is the best.

  • Joy

    I will just give it a little space, just like you guys advised. I just pray he understands. Thanks

  • kaxmytex

    “but recently my feelings and love towards him drastically dropped”

    d truth of d matter iz dat,dere iz no LOVE in diz r’ship….
    d word “LOVE” suppose 2 b something burning and nt fading….
    I fink d guy iz at fault,he’z nt playing hiz game very well again….

  • Damex333

    Give him space

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