I shook all around me as my eyes caught Ijebabe, that beautiful sensuous, overflowing with sexiness shaking the boms that the god of Mosquitoes gave to her wildly. This quito can do crazy things sometimes I said to myself as my mind wander down memory lane. I never knew she would be among the female quitos to give us away after all the preaching she had done to me that night when my hormone was raging and I was ready to offload into a Camel had I been in the desert when the feelings overwhelmed me.

I had picked up her scent as I wandered from flower to flower excavating the sweet fluids that I had intended to give to mababe that night so she could hug me. I always looked forward to that hug as it goes a long way in reducing the raging hormones and bringing about balance.

Ijebabe had been dancing under the colourful illuminations of the various flowers around, singing in a wonderful voice. The same voice that makes the humans clap over their head each time we had a choir concert in their rooms. We are always quick to jump out of harm’s way because their clapping could result in our deaths. I put up a fanciful face, puffed my deflated chest up and arranged my wings before flying towards her direction. I coughed and arranged my voice:

“Hi pretty angeliquito with a voice that turns plants into dancing twigs and other insects into ballerinas. I heard your voice and could not help in dancing into the sun with the wind brushing my face and biding me a safe trip”.

She turned, her face filled with a pleasant surprise give me the ups to push forward.

“Your face makes the sun hide in amazement and the beauty of the stars gets envious, you make the diamonds pale in the light of a burning fire”

She shook her head like she wanted to clear it before answering me.

“Sorry, who are you dabbing all those praises for”

Her eye twinkled under the effect of the purple flower she had moved under. I geared on:

“Your eyes like the dove drives away boredom from my tiny heart, your smile sends healing to my wounded soul, I could fish for the world if you just order the word”

That seemed to had gotten her attention. For she smiled revealing a perfect dentition. I was taking aback, those proboscis are enough to drill a well in a human skin but to me they were the best ever.

“What is your name, poet”

She asked, starting to get interested in me or so I thought.

“They call me Yellow because I was born when the sun sent yellow rays that destroyed our first habitat”

I replied her, using a deep husky voice which I felt was sexy.

“Wow, that’s nice, I’m Ijebabe”

Her sing-song voice vibrated in my brain. I thought I had gotten so proceeded to the next face of courting among my breed, singing a song for her.

“The very first day I saw your face
Your beauty undefined, gal I come dey craze
This love dey make me gaga if you notice
Baby, baby just give me that kiss”

I was happy with my performance as I pouted my lips forward expecting her to drop a tender grass on it to show me she had accepted the proposal. The next thing that follows is what the humans do sweating under blankets and sending crazy odours that could kill us faster than the deadliest Otapiapia.

I heard the sound before I felt the impact and before I could say anything I was high up in the sky my mouth wide open with shock. My fly was cut short by a tender rose whose bloody torn helped send me back to mother earth. I got myself and opened my eyes slowly to gaze on Ijebabe adjusting her hind legs, she had sent me flying with a kick.

She breathed slowly and opened her eyes, which had turned from looking pleasant to red and murderous. I moved back slowly as she followed me her arms flying wide in the sky as she covered my every means of escape. She flew straight at me and before I could think it I was high in the sky on a joyride I never planned for. I was screaming all through the journey as the wind blew all over my face cutting my supply of oxygen short. We flew over those ugly metal monsters that the human call cars and over heaps of dumps. Humans are truly dirty I said in my mind even at the state I was.

We flew into a window high up on a mountain or so it seems and perched on a transparent lamp stand that sent blue light into the vast room that we just entered. On the bed was a woman lying down, her eyes closed peacefully as she slept.

“You see that woman there, if you want any part of me, you have to harvest her blood for me, that is only when I will consider you as both romantic and brave”

She said holding my neck firmly. Female quitos can be aggressive while making demands I screamed in my head. How am I going to harvest blood from that woman? Plans started to form inside my head as I watched her, my wings starting to vibrate as I prepared to fly. The door opened and a man stepped into the room, putting on a black jumper and adorning a black hat. He walked to the wardrobe and took his hat off, pulled his jumper and trouser, all the while backing us. He turned round and I almost screamed as I saw his member, very big and ugly. I looked to his face and was met with a very large nose that was fairer than his face and eyes that appeared confused. I had see that face before, last year when he had read from a book announcing the removal of FUEL SUBSIDY that plunged the nation into dark times. Yes I had seen those clueless eyes before.

I was staring right into the face of Goodluck Yonathan. Haaaaaaa, no be me talk am ooooo…..

To be continued…

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