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Mother Of Three Axes Husband To Death #food things#.

A 35-year-old housewife
identified as Zenab
Agbontine has been arrested
for allegedly murdering her
husband, Egberise
Agbontine, in Ubiane Aviele
village near Auchi, Edo State
in cold blood with an axe for
refusing to eat the food she
prepared for him after he
returned from work.

The incident was
devastating so much that
despite his years in the
Nigeria Police and having
encountered different
murder cases, the Edo State
Commissioner of Police, Mr
Foluso Adebanjo, said he still
had not recovered from the

Zenab murdered her
husband as he slept.
According to her, they had
allegedly been quarrelling for
more than a week before
she decided to permanently
resolve the problem by
sending Egberise to his
grave in the most gruesome
way conceivable.
On the fateful day, when the
husband returned from
office, she prepared his
Without any foreboding that
death lurked in the corner in
wait for him, Egebrise took
his bath and when the wife
informed him that food was
ready, he reportedly declined
eating what she had
Narrating the chain of events
that ultimately led to the
tragic death of Egberise,
Zenab told Sunday Sun in an
interview: “I have been
having quarrels with my
husband for a long time. We
tried to settle the matter
without success. One day,
my husband came back from
the office and told me that
he was not interested in the
marriage anymore.
“I pleaded with him but he
refused. I prepared food for
him but he refused to eat
the food. With annoyance he
went to sleep. At about
midnight when my husband
was asleep I went to the
kitchen and I took the axe
and cut him on the neck
several times, he struggled
until he died. It was the devil
that used me. I didn’t know
what prompted me to kill
him but maybe because he
said he was not interested in
the marriage again.

“The family of my husband
should forgive me. I am
calling on the elders in the
community in Auchi to
forgive me because it was
ignorance and the devil that
used me as I now realize
that I didn’t exercise enough
patience with my husband”.
Though Zenab has resigned
herself to the fate that
awaits her after trial, the
future of the three children
she bore for the late
Egberise is her major
concern now.

Amidst tears, she remarked
on the bleak future of her
children: “I know I will face
the consequence of my
action but the question is
who will take care of my
children? I have three
children for him. Their father
is dead and their mother is
on the way to the prison. It
is only God that will take care
of my children”.
The police boss said that the
suspect would soon be
arraigned in court on
murder charge.

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