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My brother is in love with my best friend.

Hi diary readers, my username is katy234 in this forum. I have a problem and i need your advice.

Three years ago when i was still an undergraduate, my bestfriend Tina{not real name] got pregnant for her boyfriend which she aborted.
Last Easter she came over to my family home to spend the holiday with us. My elder brother quickly took interest on her which i never took serious. They eventually started dating and now my brother is planning on doing the introduction {first official visit to her family} this xmas. My friend is a good girl but the abortion stuff is disturbing me alot. Do you think i should tell my brother?. Help me, what will you do if you are in my position?


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7 thoughts on “My brother is in love with my best friend.

  • Nonso24

    Let them be. Everyone has a past

  • sophy1

    If u were in her position, won’t u wnt d guy 2 get married 2 u.? Jst ask her if she has told ur brother

  • Kahuna

    @Nonso, i agree with you.

  • Ogb21

    Luv is blind…If we keep looking at de past nobody will mary.

  • Lammyjoe

    Abegii…leave dem jor….everybody has his/her own part……..wat of if u dnt knw abt d Abortion nko?

  • Donigspain

    The posters above has said it all. Meanwhile, there shouldn’t be any problem as long as she (your friend) knew how wrong her past action was and did also showed a considerable level of remorse. Furthermore, as long as your brother have confirmed through medical advise (as expected of serious dates to must have had a medical checkup) that she is perfectly alright then you need not worry. Let them enjoy their happiness.

  • phoenix daniels
    phoenix daniels

    Leave ’em alone….tz dia biz nt urz tho….yhur frnd myt b a bad qurl [wich yhu’ve noticed] buh myt chanqe afta marryinq yha brava…..yho cnt decide fate, leh |t decide |tself

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