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New twist…

I earlier told you guys about frank’s plan on doing a little traditional family introduction on Joy’s head……

I really wished him well when he first told me about it, even though i really wasn’t 100% in support of the whole thing, which he even commented on a post here. It’s not like i do not like the girl, {hope you guys still remember how she sends him money in our season2A??}…….. However it is like frank is begining to think properly, and see my doubts, because just this morning, he told me that he isn’t really hundred percent sure of Joy’s fidelity….

According to him, he feels like she is into a dirty deal which is fetching a lot of money for her, and he thinks she may be into prositution or dating a rich guy in Ph city, where she gets the money, she sends regularly to him and her mum.

“my brother, if you later find out, the money your girl is sending you is from another guy will you forgive her?” he asked me today, and i replied yes ooo……

Friends i really can’t believe a whole frank can be conquered easily, or eat this kind of s.hit and still appear confused. I don’t know whether she is using love, or juju on him oooooo

or whether karma is slowly descending…..

The only thing Joy really have is beauty, she is neither educated nor from a good family, yet my friend is still with her……. Abeg make una advice oga frank oo, if una get any, before i go talk now, my oga at the top go begin to dey blame me ooo…..

{lots of suspence and twists will make up our season2b and 3}

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18 thoughts on “New twist…

  • Joy

    Hmmm interesting

  • Dabrake

    Em frank, shey you don chop the money finish, you wan com play sharp guy abi? Well follow your instincts, instincts are rarely wrong.

    *btw, hope sey no be the Joy wey comment before me we dey ‘talk’ ’bout*


      @dabrake it’s not as if he wants to leave the girl, it’s just that he is very scared to investigate how the girl is getting all the money she is sending….

  • Zinny-zara

    which kind biz dat gal dey do abeg?

  • kaxmytex

    Maybe she dey inflate d price of goods wey im dey sell


    You Know What They Said Bout Karma?, It Got No Menu….It Serves You What U Deserve. I Aint Judgin Him But I’m Sure He’s Reaping What He Has Sown.

  • timsezeh

    Frank let wait annd see who u’ll finally settle for

  • Blachberrydude

    he should sit her down and then discuss everything.@ ur question if my girl is collecting money from another guy to give me i wont be mad sha.

  • SailorXY

    If he loves the gal to d point if marriage, then it doesn’t matter what she actually does. I believe u must have known 90% of ur spouse before even thinking marriage

  • sophy1

    let me go 2 ph n spy on her 1st den i’l tel u wats up

  • Zinny-zara

    frank check her monthly income nd compare it 2 wat she sends 4 u nd her mum monthly nd also estimate d moni she spends on her own self monthly….if it is far higher than it then knw she is into shady deals


      Yea its way too high sis… Frank told me she bought a small generator, rug and celing fan for her family last xmas, bought lots of shoes, clothes, and handbags for her younger ones, even bought a brazilian hair for herself, plus three trousers, shoes and shirt she bought for him, plus the money dey flexed last xmas…. Frank is very suspicious even though he has no evidence, moreover he loves her very well, and i think she equally loves him well… D only problem is how n where she gets her money from….. But her lie is that her madam doesn’t check very well on the goods she sell in bulk, because she works in a big warehouse and frank equally have been there…. But just dat she earns even more than most bankers is alarming oo

  • Zinny-zara

    @bbdude can u pls tel us y u said u wont b upset if ur gal collects moni 4rm oda guys nd give 2u?

  • Izuone

    That is worrying,i may forgive the girl but definitely i will not marry her. Because whatever she is into that is giving her this money,marriage will not make her automatically stop it.

  • Izuone

    And i fear that,at this age, i can’t and will not with my two eyes wide open sell myself and my peace of mind over a pourtage of yam.

  • delikay

    frank dont need 2 b angry

  • Damex333

    Me go dey mad o. But frank doesn’t need 2 get mad.

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