Yehhh pikin wey mama born don grow up
Since smallhood im eyes no gree rest
Adulthood don turn another thing for am
Because that forbidden fruit na im dey im mind
The dead thing in between im leg get life o
No wonder hair start to dey grow for there
The peanut don dey wake up from sleep
Anytime wey im see mama bomboy pikin nyash
For morning na so im thing go stand
For night im dream don dey somehow

Yehhh pikin wey mama born don grow up
See as Iya Basira nyash dey attract am
Na style im carry open hole for door
Each time im go peep Iya Basira wey dey baff
Na to enter there immediately go follow
Soap for one hand, water for another
Then to rub im preek with soapy hand
Until him spinal cord start to vibrate
Then him nyash go arc forward
All the akamu go come pour from inside

Yehhh pikin wey mama born don grow up
Mama herself don dey old small small
Pikin don taste life well well
Now na to settle down na im get am
Money for bride price no dey question
Basira don carry belle for am
Now na to carry her put for house
While im hungry preek comot again
Na wa oh!!! Pikin wey mama born don grow up

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