There resides no gold But the wizard of Oz Conjuring altered
egos Over the rainbow. Where
monarch butterflies, Skid on umbrellas of petals In well manicured gardens Fertilized by ash. Swiped lives, Like touch screens Awake in a trance Slaving
for the system.

Over the rainbows,
Is where we find democracy Red-dressed, arm-wrestled By corporate machines.

The butterfly
of morality, Probes not its proboscis On the petals of politics
Or suck of its nectar. Over the rainbow. Is where we locked God
Behind the bars of religion Sealed
in dogmatic boxes.

Society is pricked With ideological needles Our reactions, our norms Forged in
philosophical labs Over the rainbow, Beauty is the mirror’s
customer Sanity in my insanity ‘Cos a big-brother defines my reality Over the rainbow lies heaven,
Nirvana of our fantasies But fantasies are treasures Beyond the rainbows

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