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I returned to my apartment by 5:15pm after a very busy day at the office, disjointed and sad.
“Chioma really isn’t being reasonable with me. Can’t she just understand my plight?” i wondered unhappily.

Five minutes later my door bell rang, bringing me out of my thoughts with its sharp noise. I couldn’t help but wonder who it was.

“good evening” Mary greeted with a smile as i opened the door. She had a black nylon bag in her right hand, which i curiously stared at.

“i guess you are just coming back from work. Your tie is still on you. I came to make soup for my dear husband. I figured you have nothing here” she said sweetly. I shrugged with a forced smile.

“yea come in dear.” i murmured politely as i made way for her to enter. She gracefully walked into my apartment and headed straight to the kitchen.

I truly hated seeing her. Her presence simply disgusts me, but i had no choice than to play along. I just couldn’t wait to get rid of her.

Surprisingly she stayed back after preparing a Vegetable soup for me. I had expected her to leave after making the soup but she gave a flimsy excuse.
“darling i hope i can stay the night with you. I want to sleep in your arms. I’ll leave tomorrow morning” she kind of asked as we ate together.

“but you know unmarried couples arn’t supposed to be sleeping together?” i asked, trying to use religion to deny her request.

“whatever i’m staying the night” she concluded with a strong smile which somehow got me worried. Her action sort of told me that she already had something planned out and perhaps could be a bit difficult for me to dictate the way to run our relationship.
“i have to be very careful and watchful” i adviced myself.

Immediately after the meal, i left her in the sitting room and went straight to bed. I wasn’t happy she was around, what if Chioma decides to show up at this moment?” i fearfully reasoned before falling asleep.

By the early hours of the next day, i woke up to see Mary hungrily su.cking my d--k as if her life depended on it. I was shocked and quickly defensive.

“oh not again” i hissed to myself, fearfully pushing her away a bit roughly. She instantly stared at me with offended eyes. As if she suddenly realised that i was merely tolerating her.

To be continued.

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3 thoughts on “SISTER MARY 30

  • tiwalade

    lol, u re in big trouble

  • fidel

    i dont envy ur condition atall. Really choking. Thank U so much for this thread thou i ve learnt alot frm it. Someone i tot to b my gf suddenly demanded for unprotected s-x frm me yesday n i quickly rembered sister mary n pushed her away n ask her to excuse me for some days.

  • Manshyne

    there ‘re one or two things to learn apart from the suspence our Oga @ the top is good at. I wonder why some lady force themself into marriage, not considering the implications. Just imagine the pain sister Mary must’ve gone through during that induced abortion and just three days after, she’s at it again…

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