Very early in the morning, Anita dressed up and prepared to leave. I smiled as i watched her dress.

“won’t you spend the weekend with me?” i asked casually. She smiled and shook her head.

“no dear, I planned spending the weekend at home with my parents. I’m actually heading home from here” she replied.

“ok, it’s cool” i murmured, fetched seven thousand naira from my wallet and gave to her. She hopefully took the money, quickly counted it and stared at me curiously.

“how about the phone you promised to get me. You know i’m really in need of it. This isn’t fair” she asked without even thanking me for the money i gave her.

“but you already have two expensive phones which are still in good condition. I will get you a phone but not today. You won’t believe all i have been through for the past few days. I currently have a lot on my shoulders right now” i replied calmly.

“this is just your way. Uncaring and wicked. I’m leaving, don’t bother seeing me off” she hissed and left while i smiled to myself. Her insolent behaviour wasn’t a new thing to me so it never bothered me. Moreover I knew she would be back someday.

But truly i was tired of the whole d--n game. I badly needed to settle down with a family of my own. The fun i used to see in flirting wasn’t there anymore and as a man i got to save and do something useful with my money.

Later in the morning, I cleaned up my bedroom which Anita was too big to clean before settling down in my sitting room where i busied myself watching one T.v programme to another and equally thinking of the right way to start my second and final assault on Mary.

I was tired of seeing the old lady, tired of pretending to be in love and tired of the situation i found myself in. It was time to steal the test results, i just couldn’t afford to continue waiting.
“but stealing the papers are one thing and ending the relationship another, How do i end the relationship without making it look obvious that i had everything planned?” i wondered.

“of course i have to draw out another plan, something like introducing a non existent man into the scene. I can arrange someone to make threatening phone-calls to me whenever Tessy is around. The man can claim to be her fiancee or ex-boyfriend” i thoughtful reasoned with a smile, thinking deep again.

“but no i will have to arrange that maybe three days after her apartment has been searched and the papers gotten. Then with the tension of the robbery and sudden phone calls from her alleged fiancee, i will cleverly link the two events together and play the victim game with her. Then after i will arrange for the same guys who stole the papers to come over to my apartment and beat me up. That will be the end of my relationship with Mary” i summarized with a smile, even though i equally realised that the whole set up could cost me all my savings.
I quickly went through the newly thought out plan over and over again, searching for flaws.

Seriously the sex i had with Anita really calmed my mind and made my brain sharp and working.
“who says sex isn’t good for the body?” i smiled as i picked up my phone to call and brief Jboy, because he had the big role of vetting my plans and equally recruiting boys for the job.
But it really would have been cheaper, manly and more matured to bravely tell Mary to go her own way without going through all those rigourous plans..

To be continued.

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