Episode 36

“a colleague just called, demanding for a file i forgot at the office. I have to go get it quickly” I lied to her. She slowly got up from my body without saying anything else.

“You can wait for me here” i smiled, got up from the chair and rushed to my room where i quickly dressed and hurried out of my apartment without saying anything else to an obviously stunned Mary.
My intention was really to run into Chioma at the gate and it happened just as i expected.

As i headed out from my apartment and rushed towards my car, i ran into chioma on the way. She stopped with a smile.

“are you going out?” she asked curiously,

“yes i have an appointment with my mechanic, i’m almost late” i replied seriously. She couldn’t believe her ears.

“but i told you that i was coming for a talk, or is your mechanic now more important to you?” she asked with disbelief.

“hmmm i can’t believe this question is coming from the person who kicked me out yesterday” i grinned.

“and what’s that supposed to mean?” she asked with a raised tone.

“if you are serious about this talk, then follow me to the car” i commanded and left. She hesitated for a moment before coming after me. Together we headed out of the compound in my car. She never noticed how relieved and happy i was that she fell for my trick.

I stopped at the mechanic’s shop which was just a pole away from where i lived, bought a galon of engine oil plus a tin of oil treatment, returned to the car with my purchases, switched on the engine and drove towards a cute restaurant nearby.

“you didn’t see the mechanic or what?” she asked suspiciously,

“yeah” i murmured without any further explanation until we got to my destination. I stopped the car, licked my lips and smiled at her.

“we can go inside and discuss as much as you want” i winked, opened the car door and alighted. She hissed, alighted and followed me.


We really had a very serious discussion inside the restaurant. She demanded to know everything and i was forced to open up to her, finally hiding nothing.

The shock on her face was quite alarming as i narrated everything. She trembled and coloured up as she listened.

“oh goodness me, i’m shocked as hell. What guarrantee do i have that you won’t do the same to me. Oh how wicked can you be?, the poor girl is definetly hurting and to think that you are back with her just to hurt her more is so disgusting. No i can’t take this s--t” she cried and ran out on me after my story.

I watched her leave without going after her. She wanted the truth and i told her, which truly left me with a satisfying inner peace. However i felt she was gone for real.

To be continued.

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