“Mary’s sister” I whispered to Chioma who intelligently followed my eyes.

“hmmm are you scared?” she asked, reaching for my hand across the table.

“of course not. Just surprised” i answered with a dry laugh. She scoffed and cracked a silly joke which made me laughing out.

Mary’s sister simply, ordered a drink, sat a distance away from us and kept throwing her eyes on me. There wasn’t any doubt She clearly noticed the affectionate display going on between Chioma and I. However she did nothing than only to keep her eyes on us until an elderly gentleman who she probably had a date with joined her minutes later.

Chioma and i had a very magicial, sex filled night when we returned to my apartment later in the evening.
We had a quick shower together, before ending up on the bed for an all night sex.

Our night of passion was really one of a kind. Hot, super and explosive. I gave it to her with all my strength while she recieved all i gave out with joyful abandon. We totally satisfied each other.

“you know from this moment, we are into everything together. No more secrets. No more double dealings” she whispered into my ear after the second round of sex. I smiled lazily and nodded.

She sat up, played with my d.ick for a while, slid a rubber on it and lowered her k---y over it, sitting on my g---n.

“and no more dirty games or cheating” she added seriously as she took me back to wonder-land.

We woke up the next morning, very weak and sleepy. I lazily turned to face her and was surprised to see her eyes were on me.
“how are you my love?” i greeted. She breathed deeply and smiled.

“i don’t feel like going out today” she replied sweetly. I kissed her forehead passionately.
Just that moment, my door bell rang, leaving me with a deep sigh.

“c’mon it’s 7:30am, who could it be?” i asked angrily,

“I guess it’s Mary. It’s quite Logical she will come rushing to see you. Her sister must have told her about us” she said calmly. I said nothing, dressed up and went to the entrance door.

Just like Chioma said, it was no other person than Mary. She stared at me with a coloured dry face as i opened the door, leaving me extremely speechless and angry but i quickly controlled my nerves.

The situation i found myself wasn’t the type solved without diplomacy.

To be continued.

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