“what are you thinking?” Chioma asked, breaking me away from my thought. I smiled at her, she drew close and kissed me strongly.

“december is only two months away. How about we fix our traditional marriage on christmas day” i suggested. Her eyes grew bright with happiness but quickly died down.

“but have you forgotten?” she suddenly asked,

“forgotten about what?” i murmured curiously and stared at her. I knew i never told her that our relationship was at risk if i failed to make peace with Mary. All i told her was that the pastor adviced me to settle my differences with anyone i had wronged, {cleverly hiding the consquencies if i failed to do so from her}.

“you are fixing it on december, forgetting that your bank account is almost empty. How do you intend pulling it off?” she asked. I dropped my face and shrugged with a shoulder.

“there is nothing impossible to do, what matters is determination. Moreover i can manage and save up my salaries till december which i believe will be enough. Besides we are yet to recieve last month’s salary” i answered. She shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“for your mind abi??. Anyway we are into this together. I have more than enough money in my account. I can assist you, but my brideprice must be paid with your own money” she offered and pulled my right ear playfully.
I couldn’t believe what i heard. I was so much overcame with joy. I never believed she could come all out to make such a wonderful offer.

“you are simply the best, with each passing day i love you more and more” i proclaimed, carried her to my bedroom and threw her on the bed.

“wow easy, don’t get nasty” she laughed, quickly undressing herself. I pulled off my clothes, wore a rubber and jumped on her.
In no time i was Inside her ki.tty, riding to missisipi with joyful abandon, while she sang in my ears, encouraging me with her wondrous moans….

Oh there is nothing compared to the happiness derived from a wonderful woman….. [Player’s Diary]

I had only one obstacle which was Mary and i was caught between seeking her out by all means or discarding the pastor’s advice and daring whatever it might result to. But I couldn’t risk gambling with Chioma’s life.

To be continued.
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