25th July 2012, I checked into New Keffi Orientation Camp situated in Keffi L.G.A Nassarawa state Nigeria, where the next chapter of my life instantly began.

Life at camp really wasn’t very fortunate nor eventful for me because i really never participated wholeheartedly in any activity, thus nobody noticed nor took interest in me. I was always on my own and i spent every minute counting the days i would leave the horrible environment. The huge number of young adults occupying every single space, the terrifying living conditions we were subjected to, the human waste {faeces} littered at every obsure part of the camp, all made the whole thing dehumanizing.

Dam.n life at camp really wasn’t in any way pleasant for me. To crown it all, i was forced to live by the rules, under the keen eyes of soldiers.

On 16th August 2012, the three weeks orientation course, or my three weeks of hell finally came to an end. My happiness knew no bounds. I think i was the first corper to leave the camp that fateful day. I headed straight to Abuja which wasn’t very much far away, into the joyful arms of my dear empress Adaora.

“my dear what happened to you over there huh? You look very unkempt like a convict who just escaped from prison” Adaora joked when she welcomed me. I sighed and said nothing, which made her laugh the more, even though she clearly understood what i passed through.

I do know camp life isn’t that bad for an average young graduate, but for someone as dull, lazy and reserved as myself, it really isn’t a place to be. I speak plainly the truth, because i never did get myself over there, neither did i get scoring chances nor scored any goal. Well you first have to be comfortable before looking for someone to impress. I never got noticed by any girl, neither did i notice any, befriended any, nor get laid.


“hey baby i’m very ho.rny, c’mon do your work nau” Adaora teased and kissed me when i was almost asleep. She really had expected me to make some moves, but i wasn’t in the mood because i was yet to recover from the stress of the past few weeks. I lazily smiled in a seductive, bewitching way, that rattled her innards. She kissed me again and pinched my ni.pples which instantly brought my half dead joystic.k back to life.

Her unruly hands slowly drifted down, meticulously massaging the cloth over my privates, balls and the cleft of my as.s. My j.oystick soon grew tempestous, angrily pulsating, and demanding more of her caresses.

I gently hugged her, nestled her in the crook of my neck, nuzzled and kissed her hair.
“it had been a while” i murmured to myself.

The solace was welcomed, like an unexpected gift on a rainy day. She wrapped her arms around me and embraced me in return, as we wallowed in the sweetness of passion.

“welcome home my lion” she whispered into my ear.


To be continued…

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