“yea you are right, i caused it all” i murmured with a sad tone. She instantly looked up into my eyes with care and concern, held my hands and drew a little bit closer.

“arn’t you happy with Adaora??” she asked searchingly. I breathed deeply and smiled,

“offcourse dear i’m very happy with her, she’s going to be the mother of my kids very soon” i replied. She heaved a sigh of relief and smiled.

“we both have found happiness, so you see, we were never destined to be together, whatever is written for us by Almighty God, can never be changed no matter what we do” she said happily,

“do you now read the holy Koran?” i asked jokingly, {because of her choice of words}. She blushed and looked away.

“i’m just happy for you, see how your dreams are almost getting fulfilled” she added.

“Oh chinwe, always setting her personal feelings aside for my happiness” i murmured to myself.

I later dropped her at a ‘bus stop’ {junction} where she took a bus back to Owerri. I returned to my lodge, relaxed in my new room happily and thought over my new life.

I really would have loved travelling to Enugu, in order to spend some days with my family, but i still had some pending transactions to do in the bank on thursday. Moreover i was forced to accept Tessy’s invitation {of spending the weekend with her}, a promise i really didn’t know how to keep, considering my schedules and the risk involved.
“so dear when will you like me to visit and check out your new place?” Adaora asked when we spoke over the phone on thursday night,

“my dear i really don’t know for now, perhaps by october or november when the rains are over, because the mosquitoes over here are way too much in number, very defiant and big, they even wear masks to prevent insecticides from harming them,” i explained while she laughed her heart out.
My two corper neighbours were equally very friendly, good and decent. They knew when to draw the line in any friendly gestures they made, so i just saw them as friendly but reserved girls. Jenny however was a little bit closer to me, perhaps because we were posted in the same school, while the other girl kept her distance and only came into my room when accompanied by her roomate.
6:55am Saturday

“dear i already have arranged your flight to Abuja, i will text you a friend’s name and phone number, she works at Imo Airport, she will assist you, just be there before 10am please” Tessy dropped the bombshell when she woke me from sleep with her phone-call that fateful saturday morning.

I was stunned, angry, confused and unhappy.

Truly i thought she had forgotten about the invitation, because she never mentioned it when she called on thursday night, neither did she mention it on friday. There is nothing I hate more than being treated like a kid or ordered around, a situation which contributed to the problems i had with my first girlfriend Christy {season1}.

“so you expect me to run into the bathroom, freshen up, grab my bag and start running towards Imo Airport huh?” i asked angrily. It really was the first time i raised my voice on her. She just kept quiet for a while, as if she couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“there is still time nau, isn’t it 7AM by your watch? You still have at least three hours to get there” she murmured, while I cursed under my breathe.

To be continued.

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