Selena simply bit her lips, eyed me angrily and declined to answer the question her friends asked her.

“nawa for you ooo, if you get issues with the guy, no be like this or for road una go settle am nau, stop falling your hands jor, abeg make we dey go jare” her friends cautioned her, when they saw she wasn’t willing to share anything with them. They then dragged her to their car, which zoomed off seconds later.

“hmmmm oga you are really trying, bravo” Adaora muttered after recovering from the great shock Selena’s outburst gave to her. I stared at her remorsefully, held her hand softly and apologized.

“i’m very sorry dearest, i met the crazy girl in a bus weeks ago, we exchanged phone numbers because she told me she’s a journalist, but i started avoiding her when i noticed she was habouring some funny motives” i explained calmly,

“I hope the crazy bitc.h won’t turn into a business partner when i call her tonight?” she asked,

“what for?, i don’t think it’s necessary to call her, don’t you trust me” i murmured nervously, while she scoffed and said nothing. Surprisingly she never brought up the topic again, even though i knew she still had it locked up in her mind.

I really was very uneasy for the rest of that evening, my mind kept wandering, i was in a very nervous state.
As soon as Adaora retired to her bedroom to sleep, later in the night, i quickly rushed to my room, locked the door and dialled Selena’s phone number.

“nawa for you oooo” was all i could say, when she answered my call.

“you havn’t seen anything yet”, “so you had the mind to leave me stranded in a town i barely know, you never cared to call or ask how i fared. You treated me like an animal, you are lucky nothing happened to me” she poured out angrily,

“please let me explain” i begged, interrupting her,

“you have nothing to explain, just shut the f.uck up” she barked,

“c’mon stop being too uptight and listen to what i have to say” i pleaded,

“you are not serious, if you really want to apologize better say so, because i’m not going to listen to your explanations over the phone” she replied angrily,

“fine, where do we meet?” i asked,

“my house of course, where else do you think” she answered, while i swallowed hard.

“should i send you the address or not?” she asked seconds later,

“yea you can, i will call you tomorrow morning” i murmured.

“good night jerk” she said and hung up. I breathed deeply, very lost and dejected. I really didn’t know what to do with myself that moment, but i felt visiting her was insanely a good idea and a way to end whatever funny thoughts we earlier haboured for each other.

To be continued.

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