I felt like continuing with the truth, i wanted to be totally honest with her, i had the urge to tell her that i wasn’t the young business man she thought i was, that i was just a simple boy, a youth corper, but something sealed my lips.

“i guess being honest is the best, no matter how painful it could sound sometimes” she murmured, lighted her cigarette, turned and met my gaze.

“why are you staring at me in that manner?” she asked, puffing out smoke. I shrugged without knowing what to say, but just that moment her mum knocked and entered the room without waiting to be invited.

“my God!” she exclaimed, “don’t tell me you are smoking with her?” she asked me searchingly with a drawn face. I shook my head and displayed my hands, while Selena eyed her.

“i don’t smoke ma” i answered innocently,

“you don’t smoke, but you are comfortable with her smoking abi?, why allow your friend to take such horrible substance when you don’t?” she asked me, before facing her daughter who looked away, totally embarrassed.

“mum must you embarrass me, i’m a grown lady, i earn my own money, please let me be” she shouted at her mother, who seemed unpertubed by her words. The old woman simply reached forward, grabbed the cigarette from her hand, picked up the half filled packet lying on the bed, shook her head with digust, entered the toilet{self contained room} and killed the smoke.

“how are you ever going to marry with all these bad habit of yours?, you are the only one still living with us at home, yet i’m scared of you the most. I can’t keep quiet when i see things go wrong, nor look the other way to save your drowning dignity” she barked as she came out of the toilet, leaving the room furiously. She truly was extremely disgusted over her daughter’s bad habit. But which parent wouldn’t be?. I silently watched on, clueless on how to intervene or what to say.

“you see why i hate bringing my friends over here?, she likes embarrassing me, she’s too uptight, i can’t stand her anymore, i can’t believe she said all those things to me, i’m leaving this house immediately, Val please help me gather my things” Selena shouted insanely, putting me in a very difficult position. I checked my watch and breathed deeply.
I was fast running out of time.

I intended spending only but few minutes there, but it suddenly dawned on me that i could end up spending all my day with her. I bit my lips and cursed inwardly,

“Tessy will soon start calling with her own wahala” i reasoned with regret.

To be continued.
Donigspain’s story ep 76 has been posted.

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