“I was very determined to end my relationship with Tessy before this moment, but after hearing your threats i don’t think i will go on with it again. What happened to your manners? You are a lady for christ sake, forget the age difference between us. I can still marry someone your age if i choose to. Nawa for you oo, see how you are just threatening me because of money. I won’t leave Tessy alone, come and kill me let me see” i spoke out angrily for the first time. She gasped in surprise and stared at me. She couldn’t believe her ears. Perhaps she was mistaking my gentle nature for weakness.

“val you just shouted at me?” she asked, “my God i can’t believe this, hope you still remember your place?” she asked,

“i have class and prestige more than you ever will. What can you even do to me?, the highest i think you can do is just to turn my girl against me. Goodluck with it” I barked and left her car, leaving behind a bewildered Elinor. Truly i never knew when i got the courage to say all those words to her.

Even though i was happy for myself, i really wasn’t strong at heart. I had no choice than to call Obinna immediately, because just like my friend Frank, Obinna was another rascal who knew his way around things.

“so finally you decided to call me after all these while, you no dey try at all, shift jor” he said angrily as soon as he answered my call.

“please you go fit show for Adaora’s house now? I dey there abeg” i pleaded,

“hmmm okay no wahala” he accepted, easing my mind.

Breakfast was ready by the time i walked into the living room. I smiled and joined Adaora on the dining table.

“where went you?” she asked,

“i felt like jogging this morning, which i went out to do” i lied.

“liar mtcheew” she sighed and passed over the tea pot to me.

“i thought you wanted us to travel today, what happened?” she asked after a while,

“i had to cancel it, because i saw you arn’t ready and willing to travel” i replied.

“don’t blame me ooo” she eyed me. I smiled and shook my head.

“but seriously, i think we depend too much on our parents, you in particular. You report everything we do to your mum and she makes most decisions for us, arn’t we supposed to be independent, free to make our own decisions?” she asked.

“you are very right dear, but i think you are the one guilty of it. You always report me to anyone who cares to give you a listening ear” i accused her.

“i only report you, when your obnoxious behaviour gets out of hand. I’m talking about another thing, which is decision making” she replied. We argued throughout the course of the meal and could have continued, had Obinna not interrupted us with his presence. The sound of the door bell marked the end of our argument. I heaved a sigh of relief while Adaora went to open the door for him.

my room, minutes later

“my guy Elinor is on my neck, you still remember her right??” i asked, he nodded,

“The old b.it.ch is threatening me. I need your full help” i opened up in the privacy of my room. Obinna scoffed and smiled.

“you can never win a game without aggression”

To be continued.

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