“so what will you want me do for you?” he asked after listening to my story. I shrugged and shook my head.

“i really don’t know bro, i Just don’t know” i replied,

“hmmm then forget all about Elinor and move on with your life. I can’t advice you to soil your hands over something so useless. Bad things are meant for guys like me and not for someone like you. Sometimes it’s so hard to understand something so far fetched from reality” he advised.

“nawa for you oo, i invited you to help me come up with something and you are here playing Nice guy, i don’t like it oo” i complained, feigning anger.

“alright fine, i have seen you are determined, so just tell me what’s on your mind” he prompted.

“i don’t know, maybe watching her will do, as in 24hours surviellance. I want to know her in and out, everything about her” i murmured.

“with what budget?, don’t you know watching someone is one of the most difficult, stressful and dangerous job you can ask anyone to do. The guys in this town are not smiling, i don’t think you can foot the bill, moreover for how long will they watch her?. Just think of another thing bro, like terrorizing her, messing her up, damaging her car, something so simple but painful, something that can be done in a day” he explained.

“fine mess her up and damage her car then, how fast can you do it?” i asked,

“you are crazy, i look like a hitman to you? I will bring guys who will do the job, but budget on 100k” he grinned,

“hundred thousand Naira?” i gasped,

“how much were you thinking?, havn’t you seen the type of security we have in this town? Don’t you want a clean job?” he asked, “the guys i’m getting for you are good, they have helped me twice. Elinor according to your narration loves going out at night, which really will make it a bit stressful. They will harass her, get her handbag and handsets for you, if there is anything more you want them to do like pouring gasoline on her, it could also be done. All these are with guarrantee that nobody will mention your name if things go bad, i’m not getting campus boys for you” he explained like a professional. I scratched my head and stared at him suspiciously. “perhaps he could even be the gang leader” i reasoned.

“but seriously how do you expect your guy to blow 100k just like that?” i asked,

“if you play your cards well, you could end up making the payment with Tessy’s money, use your head jor. I thought you are a graduate? Nawaoo, simple go back to Tessy since you are doing all these because of her, show her your good side and run the package, It’s a win win situation. You can’t fight dirty without getting dirty, it’s time to be rugged my boy, but don’t say i pushed you into it” he grinned.

I was very determined to show Elinor that i had balls. I nodded in agreement to Obinna’s plans. My next step was to pay Tessy a visit. I was scared but determined.

I really can’t say what was pushing me, perhaps it was my pride or maybe i was being controlled by an evil genie. I truly wasn’t myself.

To be continued.

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