“it’s nothing serious dear, I will be travelling back to Imo state tomorrow” i replied. She kissed me and stared into my eyes.

“i wish i could make you stay” she murmured. I breathed deeply and smiled at her, my phone rang that moment interrupting us. It was Adaora who was calling.

“hi baby are you still with Obinna?” she asked,

“yea baby, but i’ll soon be on my way home” i answered.

“please be fast, i’m home alone and bored” she begged,

“just give me fifteen minutes, okay!” i promised. She laughed and hung up.

“it’s Adaora, she wants me home, something probably came up” i explained to Tessy who was frowning because of the call i just recieved.

“i have to get going” i kissed her, forgetting the issue that brought me to her house. But did i really forget about it?. The truth was that i couldn’t get myself to ask her for money.

“i guess i won’t be seeing you for a while?” she murmured sadly when we got to her sitting room {minutes later}. I smiled and shrugged.

“you know time flies nowadays, you never can tell” i laughed.

“you really don’t want me to give you a ride home?” she asked,

“no dear, i already said no when you earlier asked in your room, didn’t i?” i replied. She shrugged, said nothing and followed me to the gate where we got the greatest shock of our lives.

There sat Adaora on top the boot of a black Honda car, with a dark slim girl facing us. I couldn’t believe my eyes neither did Tessy. We simply stopped and stared at them with shock.

“here you are?” Adaora laughed coldly,

“Adaora!” i exclaimed.
I couldn’t believe she followed me to Tessy’s house. I knew my lies weren’t really going to do much again for me. I knew she has gotten the little prove she wanted.

“i thought you said you were with Obinna? Why lie to me? I thought you guys were just business partners or whatever?” she asked insolently.

“stop talking nonsense girl, please respect me” Tessy interrupted her, giving me the opportunity to think fast.

“you are a respectable lady right?, Then why lie to me, why hide something so hard to hide from me?, are you scared of me or what? Why can’t you own up if you truly care and like him, that’s what i will do as a lady” Adaora challenged her, sending my nerves flying high. I had no doubt Tessy would fall for her trick.

Luckily she sighed, turned and returned to her compound without another word, leaving me to my fate. Adaora looked at me, shook her head, breathed deeply, and left with her friend who drove the Honda {car}.

I was lost, broken and down. I really can’t say how i managed to get home, but i did get home to meet another shock which awaited me. Adaora stood at the entrance door{which led to the apartment}, with my bag lying in front of her.

“it’s over dear, I can’t take it anymore, you also not spending a minute in this house ever again. Your things are in the bag, you can check them if you want. Bye bye” she kicked the bag to me, stepped out of the apartment with her friend, locked the door and left the house, leaving me heartbroken and alone.

I knew for sure that it was the end. I weeped uncontrollably.


To be continued.

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