I sat outside with tears in my eyes and thought over my life.
“I have lost Adaora, lost my happiness, betrayed my family and disappointed everyone. How do i face them?” i wondered. I knew Adaora was dead serious when she said it was all over between us, unlike the previous occasions when it simply fell out of her lips without any iota of seriousness.

“i’m lost” i cried, “where do i go from here?, will Obinna’s place be condusive to spend the night?, what excuse will i give him?” i wondered, shaking my head unhappily as i remembered all that led me to Tessy’s house that very day.

“or should i go back to Tessy?” i wondered sadly, shaking my head in regret because i knew it was the most insane thing to do.
“what if Adaora is still watching me?” i reasoned. My phone rang minutes later, shaking me out of my thoughts. It was Tessy who was calling.

“how far?” she asked,

“i’m finished, lost and stranded” i confessed,

“where are you?” she asked. I gave her the exact location without hiding anything.

“i’m coming right away, just stay tight” she assured and hung up. I couldn’t believe the situation i found myself in, i equally wasn’t prepared for it, even though i knew it was something that meant to happen, judging by my way of life.

Tessy showed up twenty five minutes later. I joined her in the car, she slowly drove to a small cafe which had just three customers in it.

“just relax and breathe deeply everything is going to be alright” she assured sweetly when we settled down at the cafe.

“Adaora really isn’t just an ordinary girl to me, she’s my wife to be, i love her alot, our families are in this together, moreover she’s worth double my inheritance” i cried.

Tessy’s simply held her jaw and listened attentively as i poured out my heart to her. I also told her my story with Adaora, how it all began and the truth about my family. I truly couldn’t control myself. I wanted to share my burden, my pain and my sadness with a friend. She happened to be at the right place at the right time. Her face coloured as she listened, at a point her eyes melted with unshed tears. My story really had an effect on her.

“hmmm what a touching story, i swear i would have done much more than locking you out if was Adaora, but seriously she couldn’t have ended it just like that because you guys really have come along way. I guess she takes over from her mum, i fairly know the woman, she’s a very uptight, proud and shrewd business woman c-m politician, there were some gossips about her sometime ago” she said when i was done with my story. I shrugged and said nothing.

“no wonder you hardly demand for anything, you are truly not a hungry graduate” she joked, but i really didn’t find her comment funny because of my situation.

“yea i know the head can never control the heart, but i have a proposal to make” she smiled, reached for my hand across the table and held it.

“will you like to redeploy back to Abuja?, i have the necessary contacts to make it happen quickly. I can also set up a decent apartment and even a car for you. All i want is for you to be happy, forget about her and move on with your life. Imo state really isn’t the place for you and i hate to say that your Ada girl truly won’t be a good wife material for you. Just give me the go ahead please” she proposed.

I couldn’t believe my ears. I breathed deeply, locking glances with her.

To be continued.

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