I stayed in the sitting room till my mum and two small sisters returned. I greeted her and hugged my little sisters who were very pleased to see me.
Mum and i said nothing much to each other before she went into the kitchen, a sign that showed she was extremely upset with me.

I went to my room, locked myself in, and kept busy with my stories {which i was unable to update in the morning}.

7:20pm, mum called me out for dinner, i tried dodging by insisting that i wanted to eat in my room, but she refused to listen to my request,

“we have something important to talk and we can’t discuss it in your room” she scolded me. I had no choice than to join her with Adaora in the dinning room.

We ate silently without talking, until i was done with my meal. As i tried to stand up and leave, she ordered me to sit. I obeyed and glanced at Adaora nervously.

“who is Tessy and what sort of your father’s business are you doing with her?” she asked. I breathed deeply and shrugged.

“i doubt if you will know her, so there’s no point going into details, moreover you don’t know all of Dad’s associates” i replied.

“don’t lie to me young man, your dad never did” she barked. I rolled my eyes and folded my arms.

“i won’t say anything again, everything Adaora told you is true, i’m going to my room” i spoke with a raised tone, standing up again.

“you are so shameless, you used and decieved a nice girl like Adaora and you have no remorse whatsoever. I don’t know you anymore. You have disgraced me. You can go, i’m not restraining you again. Seems like you don’t want to live a responsible life” she shouted at me.

I stared at Adaora and stared at my mother. Her words touched me, but the best i could do was to flee the scene because I couldn’t stand her questions nor angry comments. I shrugged and left the room. For the first time, i walked out on my mother.

I left the dinning room and hid behind the door. I really felt like crying, but tears refused to show up. I placed my left ear on the keyhole and eavesdropped to their conversation.

“i’m really sorry my dear i thought i knew him, but he has proved me wrong. I thought i raised him well. I gave him a good education, gave him almost all he wanted, groomed a good girl for him. Where did i go wrong?” she cried,

“it’s not your fault mum, somethings that are meant to happen, always happen no matter what we do. Just stop worrying please” i heard Adaora say to her.

“i won’t be happy to see another girl take your place in this house. I don’t think i can take it” she continued.

“mum you know i have managed and stayed in this relationship all these period, because of my respect and love for you. I wouldn’t have wished for nothing more than to marry him. But i can’t keep playing the fool with him. Val isn’t a honest person” she murmured. I felt bad hearing all she said about me, but i still stood and listened.

“i know my dear, no body will sacrifice all you sacrificed for us. It’s a pity that you will be leaving everything for someone else, but it still dosen’t change my love for you. You are still my daughter” mum said to her.

“i don’t know how i will cope up, and i confess it will kill me to see another girl take my position. But i think it’s better i start figuring out my life on time. Isn’t it so mummy?” she asked. I swallowed hard and rushed to my room. I couldn’t listen anymore, there wasn’t any doubt Adaora’s decision was final.

I sobbed.

To be continued.

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