I was about falling asleep when mum walked into my room, switched on the lights and sat on my bed. I quickly sat up, rubbed my eyes and yawned.

“i still find it hard to believe all Adaora said about you is true. What is actually happening, don’t you like her anymore?” she asked seriously. I stared into her eyes and felt bad. She really was suffering over my despicable behaviour.

“please mum stop worrying yourself. This is my problem, i’m in on this alone, i have to bear the cross alone. Please go to bed it’s past ten already. Please” i pleaded. But she shook her head and folded her hands.

“i want to hear your side of the story. I won’t be able to sleep until i get to the bottom of this matter. I have never seen Adaora look so troubled and upset. I need you to tell me everything. Please” she begged, but i couldn’t say a word.

“how do i open my mouth and tell her that i was having an affair with Tessy. A lady with children”.
“How do i confirm that it was the despicable act that broke up my relationship with Adaora”. I wondered.

It’s true Tessy never did confirm anything to Adaora, and I knew her story was all based on assumptions, but still even a blind Judge could convict me, judging from the events that led to the final show down. I had no solution whatsoever for my problems. Composing another lie could make things more terrible, unless Adaora simple feels like giving me another chance, by pretending to buy my lie. I reasoned

“you totally disappointed me. hope you know Aids is real?” mum asked after some minutes, interrupting my thoughts. I looked away and closed my eyes. Not only was i ashamed of myself, i equally was lost and confused.

“Adaora will always be my choice. I don’t regret giving her my heart. I have nothing else to say. Goodnight” she murmured and left, leaving me alone with my conscience.

I tried to sleep, but couldn’t. I tried calming my nerves by listening to music but i still found myself tossing on my bed. I entered the bathroom, took a quick shower, freshened up and went to Adaora’s room. I was surprised to find her awake, doing something on her laptop. She quickly frowned as soon as she saw me, closed the computer and drew back on her bed.

“what are you doing here?” she asked, throwing a nervous glance at me.

“i came to talk, i can’t sleep, not with everything going on” i murmured,

“your guilt will kill you. You havn’t seen anything yet” she replied angrily.

” Adaora” i called,

“don’t call me. I have made my decision. You choosed that old hag over me and i have left your life. Please leave my room or i will scream. Trust me i will” she threatened angrily. I stepped back and swallowed hard.

“don’t destroy us” i begged,

“you already did” she replied and got up from the bed. Tears surprisingly fell from her eyes as she stared at me.
“just leave my room please” she muttered, pushing me out of her room.

I spent the rest of the night thinking and regretting. I couldn’t believe i had lost my princess, my jewel, my flower bomb. “oh no” i cried.

I woke up the next day with a very high fever. I couldn’t move myself nor get out of the bed. My head ached, my lips were sour. I was very down and sick.

Mum came into my room later in the morning to check up on me.

“val” she called, but i couldn’t answer,

“val” she called again and got no response. She drew close and sat on my bed, feeling my temperature with her palm.

“chie!” she instantly screamed, drawing Adaora’s attention. She quickly ran into my room and stared at her.

“Val is very sick ooo” mum explained. Adaora scoffed and drew closer.

“are you sure he isn’t pretending?” she asked, feeling my body temperature with her palms.

To be continued.


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