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Special scenes *life as a corper* 119


“you are right, let’s not bring back old memories. It won’t do us any good” i murmured and looked away.

“i really went through a lot for your sake. Was it the gossips, the humiliations, the curses, the uncountable insults i recieved on your behalf” she spoke sadly, breathed deeply and held her head {with her right hand}. Her words quickly brought back the memories i fought hard to bury after our break-up.

“stop punishing yourself, did i do wrong by coming here?” i asked softly, drawing closer to hold her. She rubbed her eyes and forced out a smile.

“don’t mind me jare, you know sometimes we girls do act unmaturedly. I never intended to make you uncomfortable” she apologized.

“it’s alright, i have to start heading to my PPA” i laughed and stood up,

“i will bring the money your supervisor is demanding on thursday evening, so please cheer up dear. I’ll always be there for you” i promised.
Her eyes quickly lip up with happiness, she got up and hugged me.

“how do i thank you?. You just took a heavy burden off my chest. I must tell my mum right away, you can’t imagine how relieved she will be” she poured out happily.

“i havn’t yet given you the money, wait till i do, moreover i don’t think you mum will still remember me” i murmured nervously. She broke away from me, and reached for her phone which was lying on the bed.

“we do talk about you sometimes. How can she forget you?” she happily asked as she dialled her mum’s phone number. I stood quietly and watched her. I really wasn’t comfortable with what she was doing, because i knew her mum would like to speak with me, something i wasn’t really prepared for.

“mum wants to thank you” she said a minuter later, after having a little conversation with her mother. I breathed deeply, took the phone and placed it on my ear.

“Thanks alot my son, i know you will never turn your back on us. God will reward you ten-fold. What more can i say?” the good old lady said excitedly,

“mum you have said enough, moreover your daughter also did alot for me” i murmured innocently.

“i’ll be travelling to the village this coming friday, and i will very much love to see you. Please it’s very important, can you make out time to visit?” she asked. I swallowed hard and stared at chinwe, our eyes met, she smiled and looked away. {I felt somehow}.

“yea mum i will make it, you have never demanded anything from me. So i can’t refuse” i accepted.

“perfect my son. I’m more than happy” she said happily. I smiled and handed over the phone to chinwe, who spoke with her for a while before facing me.

“i still feel the pain of losing you, even though breaking up with you still remains the best decision i ever took. Thanks for everything” she confessed and hugged me again.

I left her room a different person. I really couldn’t understand myself nor how i felt inside and I also couldn’t help but wonder why her mum was so keen on seeing me.

No matter what it was and how i felt. I promised myself never to take advantage of Chinwe’s good heart ever again. I wasn’t ready to jump into another romance with her, because i knew i still haboured a restless spirit which could leave the poor innocent girl in a more terrible state than she was.

“Will i really keep the promise i made to myself?? Oh Val

To be continued

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7 thoughts on “Special scenes *life as a corper* 119

  • C.O

    Omo see gobe.

  • ND Kings

    Val, ur update use to be very short, why???

  • sophy1

    Can u keep dis promise, oh Val. Ofcos u can’t

  • m003

    keep ur promise??? hehe i know you will put your pen in her office as time goes on

  • Lammyjoe

    Broz…me i no dey for dis suspense short story ooooo


    Sorry guys, next episode will be longer.

  • Obijenkinz

    Av been following up wit dis story 4 long naw.keep it up val.

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