“yea you are right dear, i have no need for another girlfriend, why did i even ask such question? Was i dreaming or what?” i instantly asked, concealing my fear with a brilliant sharp smile. She rolled her eyes and shrugged,

“i don’t know, perhaps you wanted to see how i would react” she replied.

We continued our meal, discussing inconsequential things. She truly was fun to be with, though she was nothing short of a gun which when handled carefully poses no danger, but when manhandled, could either kill or cause damage to the handler. I knew i needed to bring out every wisdom in me when dealing with her.

Yea she looked harmless, but her obsession could turn her into a dangerous lady, especially when her happiness is being threatened.
She left for her house immediately after the meal, while i retired to my hotel room, did some stuffs online with my phone as i patiently waited for her.

She showed up by 11:45pm wearing a short red gown which brought out her whole shape, beauty and charms. I breathed deeply as i recieved her into my waiting arms.

“my Val please deal with me tonight” she whispered into my right ear before undressing seductively. I gasped as i stared at her nakedness to satisfaction.

We had great time, swimming in the ocean of passion, as we fu.cked, kissed, romanced and played with our bodies. She really was an expert, infact a loose wild animal when on bed.
“so you really don’t have any sweet or nice comment to say to me?” she asked like a teenager when we were done. I swallowed hard, grabbed her right hand and kissed it with a smile.

“i’m sorry dear, my brain is virtually empty right now, i fu.cked out everything in it” i murmured passionately. She smiled and shook her head.

“i’m so much in love with you baby, if wishes were horses, i really just wish” she murmured, stopped abruptly, sat up and stared at me.

“is there any chance we could go further, it’s not as if i’m rushing you?” she asked quietly. Her eyes searching my face for any hidden expression.

I really didn’t understand her question, which made me stare back at her with surprise and curiousity,

“i don’t understand, what do you mean by going further?” i replied a bit seriously.

Her face instantly fell, she breathed deeply, laid back on the bed and played with my chest.

“never mind dear, i was just carried away, in due time you will understand” she said quietly. I shrugged, breathed deeply and closed my eyes….

Whatever it was she meant to ask, i only knew it was just a matter of time before we both fall into a very big mess. My prayers thus was for it not to consume me, nor get to Adaora.

No matter how strange it might sound to you guys, i really wasn’t in a hurry to spit out the sugar that was offered to me.

The luxury and fun was way too much to be ignored.

With crossed fingers, i played along.

To be continued
coming up in the next Episode>>> Elinor joins the game once more, revealing her destructive game-plan to me…

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