“i’m sorry for not coming yesterday as promised” i apologized to Chinwe when i got to her room. She smiled and hugged me.

“it’s okay, i’m not complaining” she replied happily. I handed the money to her, stayed for some minutes before getting up to leave.

“i have to start leaving, i’ll be back early tomorrow, so we could go together to see your mum” i said to her. She softly held my right hand, staring into my eyes.

“don’t tell me you are driving back to your PPA by this hour. It’s already late and unsafe” she murmured seriously,

“no dear, i’m going over to my cousin’s house, it’s been a while i last saw him” i answered. She dropped her eyes and breathed deeply.

“me too. I know Benita is still with him” she said quietly. I smiled at her, saying nothing.

“you can stay with me, i’m all alone” she suddenly offered,

“how about your silly friend, you turned into a roomate?” i asked playfully.

“forget her” she rolled her eyes and smiled.
I ended up accepting to spend the night in her room and we had a good time chatting and joking.
By 8:30pm i took her for an evening ride, stopping at MR FANS where we spent a little time. She really was happy for the treat i gave her and according to her words, “it has been a while she enjoyed herself in such way”.

We finally went to bed by 10:45pm, but i fell asleep around 2am because my body wouldn’t let me, not with a preserved meal{Chinwe} lying by my side. Seriously my joystick betrayed his master that fateful evening, and i had no choice than to lock it up, by suspending{placing} it between my two laps.


I lazily woke up by 7:30am, to see her peering at my face and smiling.
“good morning” she greeted sweetly, “you slept like a baby” she added. I smiled back at her.

We finally headed to her hometown later in the morning to honour her mum’s invitation. My thoughts kept me company as i drove, planning my next line of action, which travelling to Abuja to finish my business with Obinna, Since i had nothing to lose anymore. Besides he has been on my neck since the day i abruptly left Abuja, calling me a coward and all sorts of names jokingly, so i had every reason to travel and settle things with him, just like John cena, i wasn’t ready to back down from my fight anymore. “Hmmm Elinor” i breathed.

“what are you thinking?” Chinwe suddenly asked, breaking my thoughts.

“nothing important” i laughed,

“you really have changed alot” she noted with a smile,

“why do you say so?” i asked,

“the old val wouldn’t have slept without trying to touch me. But i prefer the new Val” she laughed. I smiled and shook her head.

Chinwe’s mum was really very happy to see me. She thanked me for helping her daughter and equally gave me lots of advice. The old woman was very motherly and friendly. I enjoyed visiting her.
I headed back to my PPA alone after spending two hours with her. I left Chinwe behind because she had to stay with her mum.

Monday evening{ two days later}

Obinna arrived at Owerri on my invitation, because I needed his help in driving my Dad’s car to Abuja. I really had to create a lasting impression on Tessy and Elinor, it was all part of my plan.

Obinna really couldn’t believe his eyes when i took him to my PPA{lodge} that monday evening. He found it hard to believe i was serving in such a remote community. He called my room a shi.t-hole.

Wednesday morning i headed to Abuja with him, after spending a little time with Jenny, who really couldn’t believe i was travelling again. {I truly had nothing to fear in my PPA, because the people who could easily have ruined me were on my side.}. The only fear i had was on the journey i was embarking.

I felt things won’t turn out as planned.

To be continued.

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